Earthworm Jim TV show announced: Beyond the Groovy revives ’90s favorite

Earthworm Jim is back, and he’s getting ready for a brand-new animated television program.

Earthworm Jim, Beyond the Groovy will follow the titular hero and his brand-new team (2 other worm cadets and a huge bull, by the appearances of it) through area as they search for Earth. Software application publisher Interaction Home entertainment is partnering with the Firm for the Carrying out Arts to produce the program.

K. Michel Parandi — who composed, produced, and directed the 2019 television motion picture XYZ: From Fire and Dust — will lead the imaginative group for Earthworm Jim’s brand-new program and the imaginative group in Interaction’s freshly developed tv and movie department. Earthworm Jim is the very first job in a bigger effort at Interaction to take advantage of its copyright, the business stated in a press release.

Parandi is working together with Aaron Billet, who worked as a line manufacturer on Disney Expert, and Enthusiasm Photos, which has animated a variety of shorts and commercials.

The statement for Earthworm Jim, Beyond the Groovy consists of a host of principle art and a synthetic interview with the star himself. Interaction has actually not exposed which network or streaming service Earthworm Jim, Beyond the Groovy will appear on.

Earthworm Jim is an earthworm in a sturdy robotic match. He’s got an area blaster, and fights through the stars in a spaceship. The character headlined 4 computer game and a Kids’ WB animated series in the ’90s. While he’s belonged to some remakes and other tasks in the 2000s, he’s mainly fallen under obscurity over the previous twenty years.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Jim has a hard history due to his initial developer, Doug TenNapel. TenNapel is popular in the video games and comics market for his anti-LGBTQ+ views. He has actually often spoken up versus marital relationship equality, and just recently misgendered a transgender reporter who slammed his work. He has actually battled to keep progressive politics out of comics for several years.

None of the release details around Earthworm Jim, Into the Groovy discusses TenNapel’s participation or his history as the character’s developer. Polygon has actually asked Interaction about TenNapel’s ties to the brand-new animated series, and where it prepares to air, and will upgrade this story when the business reacts.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.