Dynasty Warriors film trailer has huge battles, magic powers, and Lu Bu

Dynasty Warriors is a computer game franchise about popular figures from Chinese history who utilize enormous weapons and magical powers to eliminate big varieties of anonymous opponent soldiers. If you believe that seem like a bad property for a whole feature film, the brand-new trailer for the brand-new Chinese-produced Dynasty Warriors film shows you totally incorrect.

This trailer is everything about the action as it leaps from one wonderful transfer to the next. At one point, Guan Yu, played by previous K-pop idol Geng Han, crashes onto a battleground and sets everybody on fire with his huge crescent-blade personnel. Next the trailer provides us a brief montage of other characters from the video games flaunting their own army-destroying powers.

Naturally there’s likewise a couple of shots dedicated to Lu Bu (Louis Koo), among Dynasty Warriors’ most popular, and the majority of effective, characters. In his short time on screen, Lu Bu handles 3 opponent generals simultaneously and annihilates an opponent army with lightning that shoots out of his halberd. What’s more Dynasty Warriors than that?

The computer game series has actually constantly had to do with ludicrous and excessive action, and this very first trailer matches that energy completely. Besides action, the film’s story will be (loosely) based off the Chinese historic text, Records of the 3 Kingdoms, which provides a history of the late Eastern Han dynasty and the subsequent disputes in between the Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu Chinese specifies after the Han dynasty’s fall.

The Dynasty Warriors film is set for release in China on April 30, however there’s no verified date for a U.S. release right now.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.