Dune Spice Wars will launch lean, add major features over time

Dune Spice Wars was initially revealed at the 2021 Video Game Awards with a brief cinematic trailer. Designer Shiro Games launched a frequently asked question on Friday that exposes more info about the method video game. Amongst a couple of finer tradition concerns and art design responses, the designer responded to queries about gameplay, prices, and the early gain access to design.

The video game integrates RTS gameplay, like base structure and system management, with a bigger 4X-style scope and scale. Shiro Games and publisher Funcom aren’t prepared to reveal a rate point yet, and the video game will go through early gain access to. Gamers will start with Houses Harkonnen and Atreides as playable factions, in addition to 2 others at launch. A 5th faction will be contributed to early gain access to, along with “more later.”

It seems like Spice Wars’ very first develop will be focused completely on the gameplay, which occurs throughout complicated procedurally created maps. Gamers will need to handle intrigue, politics, armies, and more as they defend control of Arrakis. “We will definitely do multiplayer,” the designer states, however it will get here as a significant upgrade later on in early gain access to. The single-player project will likewise be an upgrade at some point throughout this duration.

The video game will likewise release without player-made mods, however the frequently asked question specifies that with “enough demand for mod support, we would be more than happy to look into the possibility.” Dune Spice Wars will launch on Steam in 2022, with more platforms to possibly come.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.