Dumbbells Is an Absolute Must When Working Out

Dumbbells are the best free-weights, and there is really no substitute for it. The reason being is that dumbbells are in themselves equipment which is designed to create the need for more work, to develop strength and power. You do not have to have a very high level of fitness in order to use these weights.

It is a fact that people all over the world use the same apparatus – the barbell – to build their strength in that particular type of exercise. What’s more most of the people who use the barbell would never have achieved such feats without the use of dumbbells. This is because dumbbells are at the top of the ladder when it comes to weight-training equipment.

Dead-lift or simply deadlift is the basic lift, which is the basis of the entire weight-lifting exercise. It is a very easy exercise that will definitely help you build up your strength. You will need a lot of support during the whole workout, which can be provided by dumbbells.

However, even with the use of dumbbells you need to know how to perform the simple variations of the dead-lift. You should not start working out with the barbell if you don’t have to. That will only waste your time and energy.

Your strength-training workout should always be done with dumbbells. However, you should also be able to train on your own if you want to. There is really no harm in trying to get back into shape using dumbbells.

Once you are well versed with the use of free weights you can then move on to other exercises. Exercises such as bent-over rows, shoulder presses, preacher curls, lateral raises, rows, and barbell rows are all great exercises for building up your strength. The dumbbells you use should match the weight of the exercise you are performing.

All those exercises where the free weights and dumbbells are interchanged, you should use a larger dumbbell. The lighter dumbbells are usually used in smaller motions while the heavier ones are used in large motions. When you use dumbbells for these types of exercises, you will definitely be getting the most out of the workout.

For example, you should always do calf raises with the lighter dumbbells while doing side bends with the heavier dumbbells. The closer to zero the weights are, the more exercises you can do. You can easily do sets of 10 with the lighter dumbbells and will need a total of 20 sets with the heavier dumbbells.

Likewise, you can easily do sets of 25 rows with the lighter dumbbells and sets of 40 dips with the heavier dumbbells. This is because the lighter dumbbells are used to activate your triceps. As you use heavier dumbbells in the sets, you will activate your biceps and shoulders.

If you are doing chest exercises, you can do dumbbell presses using the lighter dumbbells and use the heavier dumbbells in the sets. You can also do the standard bench press, which you do using the heavier dumbbells. The reason behind this is that the weights you are using are being too light to activate your triceps while working on your pecs.

Another huge mistake is that many athletes in general make is the use of dumbbells to perform squats. Squats should be performed with free weights. You should always perform the entire exercise with free weights when you are lifting weights, no matter what.

Dumbbells are the essential weight-training tool for everyone, irrespective of your level of fitness. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found easily in any gymnasium. To get your dumbbells and other fitness equipment, make sure you shop at Fitness On Pinterest today.