Driven by Adele, vinyl and CD sales both went up in 2021, data says

Both CDs and vinyl experienced high sales in 2021, according to a yearly year-end music information report from MRC Data, launched today.

Vinyl’s renewal in culture has actually been absolutely nothing except a skyrocket. In 2011, vinyl just comprised 1.7% of physical sales of music, with CDs comprising the rest. In simply ten years, that number increased to 50.4% — implying that vinyls have actually now exceeded CDs as the most offered physical format for the very first time given that 1991, MRC reported.

“In recent years, I notice customers preferring to physically own music, other than streaming, usually in its best form (vinyl),” stated Tobago Benito, owner of record shop DBS Sounds, in MRC’s information roundup.

He associates that increase both to the addition of record gamers in motion pictures and tv, however likewise to the delight individuals obtain from digging for a specific vinyl in a record shop, one that might “bring back wonderful memories,” he stated.

The increase in vinyl sales is likewise a substantial dive from simply one year earlier, in 2020, when vinyls comprised 27.5 countless physical music sales, about 40% of all overall sales. To now comprise almost half of overall sales is substantial.

Part of this year’s success might be the release of “30,” Adele’s very first album in 6 years. On vinyl, “30” offered 108,000 copies in its very first week, the second-largest vinyl sales week given that 1991, when MRC Data started tracking such sales. The album was the top-selling album on vinyl this year, followed by Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” and Taylor Swift’s “Red” rerelease.
Part of it, MRC reported, needs to do with the success of Record Shop Day, a popular promo that happens in the spring. Sales of brand-new releases and reissues have actually grown on Record Shop Day given that 2011, MRC stated, driven by buy-in from popular artists.

“From Metallica lending credibility to RSD (and by extension, records/record stores) via their RSD release a decade ago, to Taylor Swift, foregrounding vinyl editions of her recent releases, not as an afterthought, but as an important part of their launch,” stated Carl Mello, director of brand name engagement for Newbury Comics, in a declaration.

However one surprise from in 2015 was the uptick in CD sales in the U.S., which increased by 1.1% — from 40.2 million sales in 2020 to 40.6 million in 2021. CD sales have actually remained in consistent decrease for several years, so the truth that they did not actively decrease in 2015 might be substantial.

One factor for the bump in sales was the release of Adele’s “30” and Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

The Target CD variation of “30,” which consisted of 3 benefit tracks, assisted the CD variation of the album sell 378,000 copies in its very first week — the greatest CD sales week of 2021, MRC stated. Simply a week prior, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” offered 146,700 copies.

It’s unclear whether this little increase implies CDs are on the come-up, however it might indicate a small shift for those still holding on to the medium.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.