Drew Barrymore talks about her experience in a ‘psychiatric ward’ at 13

Barrymore stated that as a kid star, she was wild with “too many resources” and a mama who wished to be her pal rather of her mom.

“I was going to clubs and not going to school and stealing my mom’s car and, you know, I was out of control. So, you know, sometimes it was as humorous as that and sometimes I was just so angry that I would go off and then I’d get thrown in the thing,” she stated, discussing that “the thing” was a “full psychiatric ward” where she was put for 18 months.

Barrymore stated it was not a soft rehabilitation experience.

“I used to laugh at those like Malibu 30-day places. Malibu was sort of the opposite of the experience I had,” she remembered. “You couldn’t mess around in there and if you did, you would get thrown either in a padded room or get put in stretcher restraints, and tied up.”

Barrymore stated she was so upset she “couldn’t see straight,” and could not comprehend why she was being penalized so significantly.

“I asked myself like why is this happening. And I thought, maybe you need the craziest form of structure because everything was so accessible available and screwed up in your world that maybe it’s going to take something like this for you to kick start the rest of your life,” she stated. “And that didn’t come for probably about six to eight months. The first six to eight months I was just so angry. I couldn’t see straight.”

Through treatment and soul browsing, Barrymore stated she has actually forgiven her mother, and didn’t desire her to reside in discomfort.

She included that the 2 touch, and in truth had actually texted Monday early morning prior to the interview.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.