Dreams to be used in a feature film for the first time

There’s no scarcity of innovative tasks to come from Media Particle’s Dreams. The all-in-one video game production software application has actually permitted designers to construct whatever from a kids’s puppet program to shockingly sensible renders of scrumptious breakfasts. Nevertheless, now even those tasks appear to have actually been one-upped. A forthcoming movie from Sony Pictures Classics called A Winter’s Journey will use Dreams to create its world.

A Winter’s Journey is set in Bavaria (the southeast part of now Germany) in 1812. The film will tell the story of a poet who takes a perilous journey across mountains, ice, and snow. This tundra-ridden world, it turns out, will be built in Dreams. According to a release, the film “seamlessly blends live action with CG and painted animation.”

The movie is being created by the London-based studio, Oiffy, and BreakThru Films (Netflix’s Reversing Roe). It is being directed by Alex Helfrecht, who worked as a producer on The White King. Hugh Welchman, who directed Loving Vincent, will serve as a producer on A Winter’s Journey. Loving Vincent presented a visually stunning look into the life of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, inspired by the artist’s artistic style. Audiences will have actually to wait to see simply how this group takes on utilizing Dreams in its next huge job.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.