Dragonlance creators announce new setting based on the D&D 5e ruleset

Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman, the couple group behind the initial Dragonlance and Ravenloft settings, have actually revealed a brand-new and enthusiastic task. Called Skyraiders of Abarax, it’s referred to as a “5E-compatible experience” that will be “discovered through magical books.” The task will appear on Kickstarter this fall.

The Hickmans have actually been establishing experiences for D&D because the 1970s. Their homebrew Ravenloft experience would ultimately bring to life Strahd von Zarovich, among the franchise’s most renowned bad guys. Later on, with the aid of Margaret Weiss, they would expand the world of Krynn — both in the Dragonlance Chronicles books, and in a series of popular experience modules released by TSR.

Very little is understood about Skyraiders of Abarax at this time, besides the tips that Tracy Hickman has actually been dropping on social networks. Art reveals flying ships, nautical gown, a humanoid panther, and flying dragons. Things started on July 19 with a piece of a poem, which rollovered into an extra posts on Sept. 1. We’ve consisted of all the lines in series, along with some extra language from Instagram. The exact same poem is likewise offered once you register for a newsletter.

This year has actually seen a variety of prominent, third-party settings that utilize the guidelines of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons as their structure. Likewise referred to as the System Referral File (SRD), publisher Wizards of the Coast uses those guidelines as an open-source toolset that can be utilized to produce brand-new items. It’s the exact same structure that underpins the Ouroboros: Coils of the Snake setting, from previous Blizzard executives Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin, and the upcoming book Tal’Dorei Project Setting Reborn, from the group at Important Function.

It’s important to keep in mind that Tracy Hickman hasn’t been resting on his laurels because the 1990s. He’s been greatly associated with worldbuilding and narrative style for Deep space, an untethered, room-scale virtual truth system originated by his kid, Curtis Hickman. More than simply a headset, Deep space was marketed as a genre-bending transmedia experiment managed by Tracy Hickman with distinct technical components developed by Curtis Hickman, who is likewise an expert magician.

It’s significant then that the landing page for Skyraiders makes reference of a “unique ‘Living Tome System,’” however offers no description of what that might be. The very first newsletter likewise indicates a collaboration with Joe Bourrie, a senior designer at Deep space, and Kim Bourrie, a veteran designer who formerly worked for Electronic Arts.

Polygon has actually connected to Tracy Hickman for additional information.

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