Dota: Dragon’s Blood, the Dota 2 anime, will get a second season

Valve has actually revealed that Dota: Dragon’s Blood will get a 2nd “book,” or season, following the very first season’s March 25 best. The statement comes through the Dota 2 Twitter account.

Valve hasn’t provided a brand-new trailer or any information. It merely specifies that the program’s 2nd season is “in the works.” The tweet does supply a take a look at the Book 2 logo design for Dragon’s Blood, seen listed below.

The very first season of Dragon’s Blood concentrates on Davion, much better called Dragon Knight to Dota 2 fans. It informs the story of the Glowing and Alarming’s everlasting dispute — the 2 sides gamers complete for in Dota 2 matches. The series likewise includes precious Dota 2 heroes like Terrorblade and Invoker.

On the Twitter expose post, some fans hypothesize that the season 2 trailer might premiere this August at The International (TI), Dota 2’s yearly esports competition. While an excellent guess, the concept that TI 2021 might be the area of a trailer launching doesn’t come out of no place. The statement tweet ends with the Dota 2 account recommending fans go back to Free To Play, a documentary on Netflix about the very first TI competition. According to the post, Free To Play just recently saw an upgrade to its credit series.

Studio Mir — among the production studios behind The Legend of Korra — established the very first season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood in a collaboration with Netflix. We’ll likely discover more information, consisting of a verification of Studio Mir’s participation, about Book 2 later on this year.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.