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Dormant PS1 RPG Series Could Return Based on New Leak

A new leak has suggested that a popular RPG series from the past that first began on the original PlayStation could be coming back in some capacity. In a general sense, we’ve seen numerous remakes and remasters in recent years of games that first came to PS1. From MediEvil, to Resident Evil 2, to more cult-classic titles like Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, the PS1 has seen a big resurgence in recent years by proxy of these new versions of older games. And while it remains to be seen if this could be happening once again, it definitely seems like publisher Square Enix could be planning another revival of a dormant PS1 franchise. 

Spotted by Gematsu, Square Enix recently filed a new trademark for “Symbiogenesis” earlier this month on October 13th. This term on its own doesn’t mean a whole lot, but the definition of the word means to combine “two separate organisms to form a single new organism.” With this in mind, the description has a lot in common with the plot of Parasite Eve, which is an action-RPG that first launched on PS1 all the way back in 1998. Although this trademark isn’t guaranteed to be associated with Parasite Eve, it seems to be the most logical property owned by Square Enix that Symbiogenesis could be related to. 

At this point in time, the Parasite Eve series has been dormant for over a decade. While the franchise first began on PS1, it was later followed by Parasite Eve 2 in 1999 and The 3rd Birthday, which came to PSP in 2010. Since that time, no new installments in the series have come about, but some fans have continued to voice that they’d like to one day see Parasite Eve return. 

Assuming that this trademark is related to Parasite Eve, it begs the question of what Square Enix could be doing with the property. Given the trend of remaking and remastering older games, it seems like a new version of one of the previous Parasite Eve titles could come about rather than a wholly new installment. No matter what this trademark is tied to, though, it will be interesting to keep an eye on in the weeks and months ahead. 

Are you excited about the idea of Parasite Eve making a return on modern platforms? And do you think that this new trademark is an indication that the series is coming back? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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