Disney teases Splash Mountain’s Princess and the Frog changes

At long last, Princess and the Frog’s Tiana gets her due at Disney parks. In a brand-new video, a panel — that includes the child of the reality motivation behind Tiana, Leah Chase — goes over the motion picture’s tradition and the approaching modifications to the existing Splash Mountain destination, which will quickly go through a Princess and the Frog-themed revamp.

Disney revealed the redesign of the destination in June 2020. In both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain is presently based upon an extremely questionable Disney movie called Tune of the South, which provides a glorified view of slavery and reductive and offending representations of Black characters. Even in 1989 when the flight debuted, the motion picture was thought about questionable, as then-CEO Michael Eisner specified that it would not be getting a house release in America. To this day, there has actually been no home-video release of Tune of the South, and the motion picture is missing from streaming service Disney Plus. In June 2020, a petition to renovate the flight turned up on Change.org, though Disney firmly insisted that the revamp had actually remained in the works for over a year.

Till now, there have actually been little updates on the destination’s development. However this brand-new video exposes some brand-new details and discuss Tiana’s tradition as a character. The ride takes place right after the events of the movie (and thus, feature Tiana as a human and not a frog), where Tiana will lead guests through the bayou as she invites everyone she can to a Mardi Gras celebration. The attraction will bring back old friends, like Prince Naveen, and Louis the trumpet-playing alligator, as well as brand-new ones. There will be immersive scenic illusions and brand-new, cutting edge audio animatronics. The destination makeover does not have a date yet, but more details can be found on the Disney Parks blog.

This attraction revamp isn’t the only Princess and the Frog spinoff that Disney has in the works: A an animated TV show focused on Tiana is set for Disney Plus sometime in the future.

Check out the brand-new piece of principle art for the Splash Mountain redesign:

tiana stands on a log flume, ushering guests into the bayou

Image: Disney

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.