Destiny 2 Xur location and items, July 30-Aug. 3

The weekly Unique product merchant, Xur, hangs out in random places worldwide of Fate. In Fate 2, he can appear all over the map, in addition to inside the Tower. Today, you can discover Xur in the Tower, north of the Garage, basing on the back stairs.

a screenshot of Destiny 2’s map showing the location of Xur in the Tower Hangar

Image: Bungie through Polygon

Xur’s stock today includes the following:

  • Telesto, Space combination rifle: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Fortunate Trousers, Hunter trousers: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Actium War Rig, Titan chest: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Claws of Ahamkara, Warlock arms: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Unique Engram: 97 Legendary Shards (you can now acquire a 2nd with an Unique Cipher)
  • Unique Cipher mission: totally free

Xur’s products drop at a comparable power level as your character.


Telesto is a returning Unique from Fate, included back in throughout Curse of Osiris. This fan-favorite combination rifle has 2 benefits that make it unique. First is Unintended Reprieve. When you fire Telesto, the combination rifle particles connect to the opponent and blow up at a later time. Second, Precursor’s Pulse triggers multikills to refill your kinetic and energy weapons.

Telesto is quickly among the most enjoyable weapons to utilize in Fate 2. It’s extremely effective in strikes and public occasions for clearing big groups of opponents or dealing with a single hazard. However more notably, Telesto just feels Unique each time you fire it. Don’t pass up the opportunity to add Telesto to your armory.

Lucky Pants

Lucky Pants are fairly worthless in most situations. Their Unique perk, Illegally Modded Holster, allows you to ready hand cannons very quickly, and it also increases accuracy for your first shot. Additionally, precision hits partially reload any stowed hand cannons. If you absolutely must use hand cannons in both your energy and kinetic slots, these boots are for you. Otherwise, skip Fortunate Trousers.

Xur’s roll this week has 66 total stat points.

Actium War Rig

The Actium War Rig is an extremely powerful Titan chest piece. Its Unique perk, Auto-loading Link, will constantly refill your auto rifles as you fire them. If you’re a fan of auto rifles — especially ones with larger-than-average magazines — this is an incredible Exotic. When pairing Actium War Rig with the Sweet Business Exotic auto rifle, the clip will refill with 10 rounds every few seconds, allowing the minigun to truly feel unique. If you ever use auto rifles, this chest piece is an absolute need to-have.

Xur’s roll this week has 65 total stat points.

Claws of Ahamkara

The Claws of Ahamkara are Warlock Exotic gauntlets added in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion. Their Exotic perk, The Whispers, grants any Warlock that wears these gloves an extra melee charge. Warlocks have some pretty powerful melee abilities, so these are great gloves if you love getting up close with your enemies.

Xur’s roll this week has 64 total stat points.

Exotic Cipher quest

Xur Exotic Cipher quest

Image: Bungie via Polygon

Starting in Beyond Light, Xur has a new quest for an Exotic Cipher. The Exotic Cipher lets you buy old Exotics from the Monuments to Lost Light kiosk in the Tower. You’ll need these items and some other currencies to pick up Exotics like Heir Apparent and Truth.

This week, Xur wants you to complete 21 Strikes or win Crucible or Gambit matches. By finishing the quest, you’ll earn an Exotic Cipher to utilize nevertheless you desire.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.