Destiny 2 teases new Trials of Osiris armor for season 13

Fate 2 season 13 will bring brand-new Trials of Osiris armor with it, and Bungie started teasing that loot Friday with a couple of images published on the video game’s Twitter account.

Bungie’s weekly post on Thursday strolled gamers through some brand-new functions pertaining to Fate 2 in its next season, which begins Feb. 9. And now, the studio has actually provided gamers a take a look at a loot revitalize for Trials of Osiris. This came as a surprise to lots of, as gamers didn’t anticipate Trials of Osiris’ benefit swimming pool to alter up until season 14.

Trials of Osiris returned into Fate 2 with Season of the Worthy in 2015, Fate 2’s spring season. Bungie initially prepared for the existing Trials loot to stay up until the spring of 2021, and it hasn’t rather been a complete year. Nevertheless, due to the fact that of Fate 2: Beyond Light’s hold-up, season 13 now falls in the uncomfortable position of being a hybrid winter/spring season; had Beyond Light introduced on time, gamers would have been getting ready for season 14 at some point in March.

This time shift is easy to see when looking at the “sunset” power level for the current Trials weapons and armor pieces. Players can only raise current Trials items to power level 1360, while season 11’s current cap is 1260. This means players will be able to continue using their old Trials weapons until at least the end of season 13 — and potentially longer, depending on how much the max power goes up next season.

We haven’t seen this kind of overlap before with weapon sunsetting, as weapons are only supposed to last for 12 months with this new system.

As for the loot itself, the images are too dark to definitively identify their origins. But the armor pieces do have an ornate look to them, and it appears players will be dealing with the Cabal empire again starting in season 13. These armor silhouettes match that aesthetic.

It’s also not confirmed that new Trials of Osiris weapons will accompany this armor set. But the current sets of weapons and armor both expire at 1360 power, suggesting we’ll get replacements at the same time.

Players will learn more about Fate 2 season 13 — and most likely get a look at the Trials of Osiris loot — when Bungie releases the expose trailer on Feb. 2.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.