Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges Week 7 (Season of the Chosen)

Fate 2: Season of the Chosen’s Week 7 Seasonal Obstacles got here on March 23, and in this guide we’ll reveal you how to finish them all.

Some Season 13 weekly Obstacles are more involved than the others. Take a look at the descriptions listed below for suggestions on the fastest method to finish these Seasonal Obstacles — especially Showing Premises Trifecta, Diplomacy or Death, and Gambit Salvager’s Salvo — prior to they end on May 11.

Competitor’s Climb 7

Difficulty: Report to the War Table in the HELM and finish the “Challenger’s Proving VII” mission. Eliminate 100 Cabal with a submachine weapon.

Like weekly this season, head to the HELM to get your brand-new mission and finish the goal. You’ll require to do this one for the War Table XP. Today you’ll get some Big War Table Track Record, which must update you even more. Utilize a submachine weapon while you’re doing this objective to eliminate 2 birds with one stone.

Showing Premises Trifecta

Difficulty: Total the following in the Proving Premises strike: end up the objective, defeat contenders, and deposit a Power Core in the undercarriage of the Land Tank.

This Difficulty sounds complicated, however it simply includes numerous runs through the brand-new Proving Premises strike. You’ll require to finish Proving Premises 3 times. If you’re focusing, you must have the ability to eliminate 150 opponents in those 3 strikes. You’ll likewise finish the “deposit two power cores” goal on your very first run. Simply replay the strike numerous times and you’ll complete this difficulty.

Diplomacy or Death

Difficulty: Listen to obstructed transmissions at the radio kiosk in the HELM. Hear 5 transmissions.

For this Difficulty, you require to listen to the tradition in the HELM. Simply land in the HELM and go left. Interact with the panel on the wall and listen to the dialogue. When it ends, you should earn one pip on the Challenge. If you need more, leave the HELM and load back into it. Repeat this process until you earn the Challenge.

One Against Many

Challenge: Calibrate weapons by rapidly defeating 3 or more combatants.

You should get this Challenge while working on some of the more difficult Challenges here. Simply focus on getting multikills and you’ll pick this one up pretty quickly.

Gambit Salvager’s Salvo

Challenge: Acquire the Toxicology ornament for the Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launcher.

Once you make Salvager’s Salvo, go talk to Drifter and pick up the Salvager’s Salvo ornament quest. You’ll just need to get grenade launcher kills and play Gambit matches to finish this Difficulty.

Beyond Legendary

Challenge: Earn Valor ranks.

You’ll make Valor as you play any kind of PvP. Just play the Crucible and you’ll pick up this Difficulty after a few hours or weeks — depending on how much you play.

Make sure to finish all of these and the rest of the Seasonal Challenges if you want to complete the Master of All Difficulty by May 11, which rewards a Big Brilliant Dust Stack.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.