Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges Week 4 (Season of the Splicer)

Fate 2: Season of the Splicer’s Week 4 Seasonal Obstacles got here on June 1, and in this guide we’ll reveal you how to finish them all.

Some Season 14 weekly Obstacles are more involved than the others. Have a look at the descriptions listed below for suggestions on the fastest method to finish these Seasonal Obstacles — especially Oppressive Procedure, Accuracy Calibration, and Lead Chosen in Season 14 — prior to they end on Aug. 24.


Difficulty: Talk To the Splicer Servitor and total Course of the Splicer 4, and beat Champions throughout the system. Reward development for Champions beat in Override or Expunge.

All you require to do here is total the weekly mission and after that beat Champions. You’ll finish this mission naturally after a couple of Overrides or you can get some Champions in the Vault of Glass or Nightfalls.

Oppressive Procedure

Difficulty: Beat the Wyvern manager in Override, and beat effective Vex throughout the system. Reward development for Vex beat in Override or Expunge.

This mission is timing based, which is the only difficult feature of it. You’ll require to finish Override when it’s on Europa, which just takes place as soon as every 3 weeks. When you beat in charge on Europa, you’ll require to eliminate effective Vex. We had the ability to get about 50% after a single Override and Expunge run.

Ethereal Splicer

Difficulty: Gather Ether by playing Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, Public Occasions, and more.

This mission doesn’t offer you a precise quantity of Ether. You’ll simply require to play Fate 2 in a range of various methods and you’ll ultimately select this one up.

Combination Rifle Splicer

Difficulty: In Override or Expunge, defeat contenders with Combination Rifles. Make bonus offer development by quickly beating them.

All you require to do here is placed on a combination rifle and go to town. Unlike previous weeks, this mission goes quite rapidly.

Trials of the Tinker

Difficulty: Open Artifact Mods. 12 overall.

All you require to do here is make enough XP to unlock 12 mods for your Artifact. You’ll do this naturally throughout the season, however you can speed it up with bounties and Obstacles.

Competitor’s Delve

Difficulty: Total a Lost Sector on Legend or greater.

You can finish this Difficulty while searching for some brand-new Exotics. Simply finish the daily-rotating Legend or Master Lost Sector to end up this obstacle.

Accuracy Calibration

Difficulty: Adjust marksman weapon — scout rifles, sniper rifles, and direct blend rifles — by landing accuracy last blows. Reward development versus Guardians.

Like the other Calibration difficulties, simply placed on a couple of of the pointed out weapons and utilize them up until you finish the obstacle. The mission does go quicker in the Crucible, however just go that path if you’re an excellent shot.

High-Value Hunter

Difficulty: Defeat effective contenders in Gambit. Make bonus offer development for beating high-value targets.

Like the majority of the Gambit Obstacles, you’ll simply require to play Gambit. However considering that you require effective opponent eliminates, you can simply try to find the high-value target generate message if you wish to make some bonus offer development.

Momentum Crash

Challenge: Defeat Guardians in Momentum Control. Earn bonus progress with Zone Advantage.

For this Challenge, you’ll require to compete in Momentum Control, which will only be available every few weeks. Make sure to play this game mode when it’s up if you want to complete this Challenge.

Vanguard Chosen

Challenge: Complete any Nightfall Strike on Hero difficulty or higher.

You’ll need to finish three Nightfalls for this one, and you can do any difficulty as long as it’s Hero or above. If you’re planning on doing Grand Master Nightfalls this season, you can simply wait for those. Otherwise, just jump into a quick three Hero Nightfalls to finish this challenge. The best part of this Challenge is that it awards a Nightfall weapon once you complete it.

Make sure to finish all of these and the rest of the Seasonal Challenges if you desire to complete the Master of All Difficulty by Aug. 24, which rewards a Big Brilliant Dust Stack.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.