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Destiny 2 players are not happy with possible re-skinned Lightfall weapons from Shadowkeep

Bungie has officially announced new weapons and armor pieces for the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion. Interested players can head to the official page for Lightfall, and look for all the gears presented in their recent trailer showcase. However, there seem to be mixed feelings amongst the community regarding the looks.

The line-up of teased weapons for Lightfall includes Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Fusion Rifle, and Hand Cannon. Upon close inspection, however, the community pointed out the eerie similarities between these gear pieces and the ones from Shadowkeep.

Re-skinned weapons have always been a part of Destiny 2 arsenal, where Bungie uses a Faction narrative to design different weapons with the same design.

Destiny 2 community upset over re-skinned designs of Lightfall weapons

As mentioned earlier, a recent Lightfall trailer showcased some of the upcoming Exotic weapons and armor pieces in the game. However, minutes later, Bungie updated their official website for the expansion with pictures of additional Legendary weapons, artwork from Neomuna, and more.

While one-half of the community liked the design and overall looks of these weapons, the other half were not pleased with the fact that the newly announced gears looked like re-skins from Shadowkeep. Some of these complaints and anger are fairly justified since the announced weapons do look like Moon gears minus the trinkets and amulets.

@destinytrack The Destiny 2 community might be the only one where there are actual troves of people who sit there justifying reskins.

@MKH2K9 @destinytrack Idk man I just don’t really care what the gun looks like as much as what it does. I mean we’ve got the Ikelos SMG 3 times now but each time it was doing something wildly different than the previous.

@MKH2K9 @destinytrack The more I see (besides the new subclass) the less I actually wanna play. I’m probably just burnt out so I’m just gonna wait for a price drop. Also we need transmog for weapons

This has gotten players riled up, as most of them claim that re-skinned weapons for a full-fledged DLC are unacceptable. Some players are also asking why Bungie couldn’t come up with new designs, since the upcoming Neomuna was supposed to be out of contact with the rest of the system until now.

@destinytrack Hear me out… If the planet has had no contact with earth since the collapse, then shouldn’t the weapons look different? You can’t tell me the weapon foundries were able to make things for a hidden civilization

@tswikked @destinytrack I definitely get this but hey Calus and his cult are there so maybe that’s why? Idk but I’m not defending constant reskins

@destinytrack Wait, just 5 dedicated weapons for an entire DLC? Raid weapons and seasonal activity are separate. But just 5 for the DLC?

@destinytrack Is it really too much to ask for actual new weapon frames and designs? This is a DLC damn it!

@destinytrack I swear we haven’t had a new good auto rifle in like 3 yearsStop with the hand cannons and pulses, PLEASEEven the kings fall auto got dropped out of existence

Hence, the idea of using re-skinned weapons from Moon with different names and elements did not sit right with a lot of players in the community. The official description of these weapons states:

Firepower tested in Neptune’s most extreme environments. Lock, load, and introduce the Shadow Legion to defiance.

Since Destiny 2 Lightfall is promising to be one of the biggest releases by Bungie, players will be getting a lot of changes in almost all core aspects of Destiny 2. The idea of re-skinned weapons has never sat well within the community, and it won’t be the same this time around as well.

@destinytrack Honestly, I’m fine with the moon weapons being reskinned. Besides the fusion none of them have be reused before. I’d rather have new any day, but at least it’s not another Better Devils model.

Performances of The Witch Queen weapons, such as Fel Taradiddle, Father’s Sins, Pointed Inquiry, and many more have never been deemed useful. However, things will only get better if at least some of the weapons from Lightfall prove to be efficient in the upcoming meta.

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