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Destiny 2 outlines the Season of the Haunteds story arc and includes a few basic updates

Did you like the songs in the The Haunted Season of Destiny 2? Would you like to see how everything went together? Secondly, only the one that this extremly deep-diving dev blog is intended for as it talks about ideas, the development of the overall story by a couple of members of the game’s wiki team. The upcoming arc that put Zavala through the emotions wringers gave its time well spent. Play Destiny 2.

As for in-game matters, the news-news a bit baffling, giving the hope of a new patch to help build season of plunder’s collection, and the case for a deepsight lodded weapon, the confirmation that Grandmaster Nightfalls come back next week, and showing off some of the latest Prime Gaming freebies.

An official source: lutainfo.

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