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Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Strand Subclass Explained

Destiny 2‘s next expansion, Lightfall, is set to release on Feb. 28, 2023, and it will bring several new features to the table. Some of these include a brand new urban location to explore, an exciting addition to Destiny 2‘s story, and updates to various game mechanics. Perhaps the most important addition of all will be Destiny 2‘s newest subclass: Strand.

In August 2022, Bungie provided an official, live showcase of Strand along with the trailer for Lightfall. Within this showcase, players received a good look at some of the new abilities and the lore revolving around this new subclass. Strand is a particularly unique subclass because it is one that guardians get to discover for the first time in Destiny‘s history, whereas all previous subclasses were already utilized by figures throughout Destiny 2‘s lore.


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What Is Destiny 2’s New Strand Subclass?

According to the developers, guardians learn about Strand and their own capabilities as they progress through Lightfall. In doing so, more and more abilities are revealed. While guardians are tapping into this newfound power, they will become increasingly aware of its source. Destiny 2 is introducing a psychic, cosmic web, called The Weave, that is linked to all things. The concept is akin to the all-encompassing energy field known as The Force from Star Wars. When guardians tap into The Weave, they can pull on its glowing green threads, manipulate it, and unleash it in powerful ways.

How Destiny 2’s Classes Interact With Strand

Each of Destiny 2‘s classes use Strand in its own way. Warlocks using Strand are known as Architects. These guardians are equipped with telekinetic abilities that should provide plenty of range. When Architects cast their supers, they’re given the ability to launch a number of ballistic orbs that continue to do damage even after they’ve found their mark. Architects even possess the power to weave entirely new creatures into existence to aid them in combat.

Tyrants are strand-wielding Titans. With Titan’s typically aggressive playstyle, they not only pull on The Weave but tear through it as well. Their supers involve donning a pair of menacing green claw blades and whirling them around at anyone who gets too close. Finally, Hunters that use Strand are called Threadrunners. These guardians are the essence of grace and maneuverability. They are experts in harnessing threads from the weave, tangling enemies in green wiring, and wielding a deadly rope dart when their super is cast.

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The Universal Uses of Destiny 2’s Strand

While Strand will work differently depending on the class, there are elements of the subclass that are universal to all classes. One example is the grappling hook. With a new awareness of The ever-present Weave, guardians can latch onto a thread and use it to pull themselves to great heights. This hook does not require any hard surfaces to latch onto since The Weave is everywhere, although it can cling to both physical and moving objects as well.

Beyond the grappling hook, Strand will most likely introduce a new weapon, armor, and mod system as well. Every current Destiny 2 subclass has a type of weapon that can match a subclass’ energy, and the same goes for armors and mods. The last subclass to be introduced to Destiny 2 was Stasis, and after its release Stasis equipment was added to the game’s arsenal. Strand will likely receive the same treatment to maintain the game’s balance. Other details on Strand have yet to be revealed, and guardians will be able to unravel them for themselves when Lightfall releases next year.

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