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‘Destiny 2’ Is Starting To Feel Increasingly Broken Over Time

Yesterday, Bungie uploaded a new patch to Destiny 2 that was seemingly pretty minor, but it’s had pretty big ramifications for the larger game, it seems.

Bungie has acknowledged at least the first two issues, and they say the first two have subsided.

  • There was a rise in Anteater errors, which will boot you out of any activity.
  • There was an issue with activity completion, which seemed to be especially affecting Gambit where matches are not counting, returning no rewards and telling people they quit early once the game is over and sometimes suspending them from play.
  • There’s at least one documented case of a person who got a typical “contacting Destiny servers” message, only to find their Titan deleted completely. While so far, this seems to be an isolated case, and it’s not confirmed if this is a permanent situation, it’s still somewhat disconcerting. Bungie has not yet commented on this one.

Destiny 2 has been struggling hard this season with technical issues. Most notably, they had to disable the API two different times in order to fix a series of error codes that were booting players out of the game, and just in general, the game seems highly unstable, more so than it has the past year.

All of these issues have me wondering about the whole “clean slate” problem with Destiny 2, where as a live service, since 2017, Destiny 2 has just been adding more and more content, while deleting other bits, and fiddling with the engine and these days, it feels like it’s kind of falling apart at the seams. I am concerned about the game continuing to layer on problem after problem with two more known expansions coming, and hints that future expansion past The Final Shape would also be Destiny 2 content, as no wholly new game is coming.

I don’t know enough about the technical backend of Destiny 2 to fully understand or explain what’s going on here, but I do know what it’s felt like as a player to see these issues spread through the game like mold. The “match completion” bug for instance has been going on for months, and now it’s been hugely amplified with this latest glitch, after never being fully fixed.

These are likely deep-seeded, challenging problems to address, but address them they must. Yes, Bungie has quelled the most recent, outrageously bad things going on right now, but these fundamental issues remain, and this year, this season, thing have gotten noticeably worse.

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