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Destiny 2 is practically giving away this god roll DPS weapon for free

What you need to know

  • Developer Bungie added a quest to Destiny 2 with the launch of Season of the Plunder that essentially gives players access to a god roll Linear Fusion Rifle for free.
  • The quest can be started by visiting the Relic Conduit at The Enclave.
  • The quest’s reward, the Taipan-4FR, comes with all of its weapon patterns unlocked and can be reshaped with the legendary combo of Triple Tap and Firing Line.

Having strong DPS weapons is important if you’re planning on taking on Destiny 2’s PvE endgame, as dealing top-tier damage in boss fights allows you to farm loot faster and complete pieces of pinnacle content more efficiently. Linear Fusion Rifles have been popular DPS options for awhile now since they have great ammo economy and incredible critical hit damage, and with the launch of Destiny 2’s Season of the Plunder, developer Bungie has introduced a new questline (available to all players) that practically gives you a god roll Linear Fusion Rifle for free.

That questline is a tutorial for Destiny 2’s crafting system that was added with The Witch Queen expansion, and players can start it by visiting the Relic Conduit at The Enclave (you can unlock it by completing the free Destiny 2: The Witch Queen campaign missions if you haven’t already). Here, they’ll be tasked with Foundry Resonance and later, Foundry Shaping. These are series of quest steps that illustrate how to craft weapons, tweak them, and level them up in Destiny 2.

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