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‘Destiny 2’ Is About To Start Dropping These Old Raid Perks On New Guns

One change that is coming to Destiny 2 next season that many people may have missed or forgotten about is something Bungie previously announced, that in season 19, non-raid weapons will start dropping with old raid perks.

Starting in Deep Stone Crypt, Bungie began introducing unique perks that only dropped on raid weapons, and sometimes only in specific raids themselves. Now, four raids later, we are going to see those start coming to new or reprised weapons in the season, in new dungeons or in the world. They could also come to even older raids like Garden or Last Wish, as Bungie has said those raids will be getting origin traits and new perk pools eventually.

Here’s a list of all the raid-only perks that seem likely to start arriving as of next season. I’m going to guess DSC ones next season, and then they’ll go in order, adding more and more over time. But it may take a while to get all the way through these.

Deep Stone Crypt:

  • Reconstruction – The weapon slowly reloads itself over time, up to double capacity.
  • Recombination – Elemental final blows increase the damage of this weapon’s next shot.
  • Redirection – Damaging rank and file combatants increases damage against more powerful ones.

So these are the three perks I expect to see popping up on new weapons as of next season. But after that? Here’s what should be coming down the pipline:

Vault of Glass

  • Rewind Rounds – When this weapon’s magazine is empty, it refills from reserves based on the number of hits
  • Firefly – (technically also on Ace of Spades, and also in King’s Fall weapons) Precision kills with this weapon increase reload speed and cause target to explode, dealing Solar damage to nearby enemies

Vow of the Disciple

  • Sleight of Hand – Final blows with weapons or abilities while this weapon is stowed increase its handling, stability, and reload speed for a short duration.
  • Bait and Switch – Deal damage with all equipped weapons within a short time to give this weapon a damage boost.

King’s Fall

Okay, King’s Fall is kind of weird. The main draw is the origin trait, Runneth Over, which gives bonus overflow ammo when reloading near your team, but that’s not a perk. There are not any wholly unique perks in King’s Fall. It has Firefly, also in VoG, and it’s the only place to get Killing Tally on a machine gun again since 21% Delirium was sunset, but not sure that counts (oops, it’s on Duality’s Fixed Odds too).

So in total, I’d probably expect the above seven perks to make their way into the game over time, with the Deep Stone Crypt three arriving next season, which I’d argue are probably the best of these, minus Bait and Switch for heavy DPS. Sorry I’d be okay with Sleight of Hand never dropping on anything. But yeah, a lot of potentially interesting combinations are coming with those DSC perks alone next season.

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