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Destiny 2 How To Defeat Persys Primordial Ruin In Spire Of The Watcher

The Spire of the Watcher, Destiny 2’s Vex-themed dungeon taking place on Mars, is the latest endgame PVE activity in Bungie’s game with the start of the Season of the Seraph. The dungeon’s tower-climbing action culminates in a reactor room overtaken by a powerful Wyvern boss named Persys, who must be defeated using special mechanics.

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By now, players will have familiarized themselves with the dungeon’s basic Arc node mechanics and the Arctrician buff, and for the most part, this final encounter will be the same, with no major changes to this. There are, however, a few things to take into consideration before challenging Persys in Destiny 2.


How To Defeat Persys, Primordial Ruin

Destiny 2 Reactor Room-2

The final encounter is against a large Wyvern boss, and is also higher light, so endgame loadouts are recommended. The arena is divided into two rooms: the one with the rally banner where players first arrive, and the reactor room behind the three doors. The aim of the encounter is to lower the boss’ shield and deal damage to him. To do so, the reactor must be purged.

In the first room, two types of wires appear: red and yellow. Red wires connect to four nodes in the center of the room on the pillars, as well as above the central door. These nodes are used to open the doors to the reactor room, as well as open the nodes connected by the yellow wire.

The yellow wires in the first room are on the left and right side of the room, connected to the pillars and to the far right and far left walls. The ones connected to the pillars will have a little blinking arrow indicating which nodes players will have to shoot when the nodes open.

Destiny 2 Player Next To Yellow Wire And Node (1)

These yellow wires then lead into the reactor room, two from both sides of the room, into corresponding nodes. The goal is simply to follow the right node and power it up completely all the way until its final node in the reactor room. Some nodes are well hidden in inconvenient spots, so players should be prepared to take angles.

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Destiny 2 Hydra

When the encounter stars, two Vex Hydras will spawn on both sides of the first room.

Destiny 2 Conduit Minotaur

Kill the Hydras, which will trigger the spawning of the Minotaurs that drop the Arctrician buff pool.

Destiny 2 Rally Banner Room Activated Door Nodes

Once players have this buff, shoot all five red wire nodes in the first room (one on each pillar and one above the center door), to open up the reactor room and the yellow wire nodes.

Destiny 2 Yellow Activated Node (1)

Once the doors are open, two nodes in the first room that have yellow wires connected to them will have opened. This is completely random. It could be one node on each side, or two on one side, so have the fireteam split up to check the pillars.

Destiny 2 Reactor Room Arc Node

Once the open nodes are identified, follow the yellow wire and activate all nodes to turn the wire blue, until the last node, which is located inside the reactor room. An alarm will sound after both have been completed.

Destiny 2 Reactor Purge Imminent Alarm

When the alarm begins, the boss will return to the reactor room and remain idle. The reactor room’s doors will close, so all players should head back into the first room with the rally banner and prepare for damage.

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Destiny 2 Rally Banner Room Red Wire Nodes-1

One player with the Arctrician buff should shoot all five red nodes in the room to close the reactor doors before the reactor purges. After the purge, the boss will walk back to the first room but will be vulnerable to damage for a short while.

Destiny 2 Persys Damage Phase-1

There are quite a few ads in this encounter, so having at least one player dedicated to clearing Supplicants can be a good idea, as these fast-moving Harpies explode when they get close enough to players and deal a ton of damage. The boss is also wandering around the arena outside of the DPS phase and like any Wyvern deals immense damage at close range to unsuspecting players.

For the best damage, linear fusion rifles might be tricky as Persys’ critical spot is so tiny. Moreover, he spams the players with void damage that causes a significant amount of flinch. Because of this, it may be better to consider a rocket launcher damage loadout, with one player running a Gjallarhorn and the two others running other rocket launchers like Palmyra-B or The Hothead, depending on their subclass choices. Damage Supers are also a must, as is one Well of Radiance once the boss walks close enough and is able to do huge stomp damage.

After the damage phase is done, players simply need to repeat the same mechanics until Persys is defeated.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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