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Destiny 2 Hotfix Notes

With Year 6 now here with Lightfall quickly approaching, Bungie continues to optimize the Destiny 2 experience for all Guardians. The new patch notes for Hotfix will adjust a few activities and gameplay elements while players enjoy the current laid-back atmosphere for the Season of the Seraph. It will come to an end on February 28, 2023, with Lightfall immediately taking effect thereafter. For now, the new update for Destiny 2 will fix up a few issues that might plague a player or two’s progression to reaching the current power cap.

Destiny 2 Hotfix

Destiny 2 Hotfix


Grandmaster Nightfall

  • Reduced the Power Level requirement from +25 to +15 over the power cap.
    • Players can now enter Grandmaster Nightfalls at power cap (1580 during Season 19)


  • Requirements for the Gold Coins gilding Triumph changed:
    • Changed the requirement from 30 wins to 50 matches played.
      • Wins grant bonus progress.


  • Duality: Fixed an issue where the final encounter would not drop rewards repeatedly while it’s the weekly featured dungeon.
  • Spire of the Watcher: Improved audio of Supplicant spawns in final encounter.

Gameplay and Investment

Vendor focusing

  • Reduced the focusing costs of weapons and armor for Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Crucible, and Gambit.
    • Legendary Shards reduced from 50 to 25.
    • Glimmer reduced from 10.000 to 5.000.
  • Reduced the cost of focusing Trials of Osiris’ Adept weapons from 250 to 50 Legendary Shards.


  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Companion armor set was not counting towards the Gunnora’s Seal Triumph.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to reset their artifact if they had no artifact unlock points available.


  • Increased Deepsight weapon drop rates for all Raids and the Duality dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where Fire and Forget had more visual kick than other Aggressive Frame Linear Fusion Rifles.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Legacy Ambush artifact mod from working.
  • Fixed an issue where the sprint reticle was missing in the player HUD when sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hierarchy of Needs Exotic Bow displayed the incorrect icon in the killfeed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hierarchy of Needs Exotic Bow’s arrow display was delayed after drawing the first arrow.
  • Fixed an issue where Volatile detonations triggered at a higher than expected cadence.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bray Inheritance Trait granted more ability energy than intended on Machine Guns and Swords.
  • Updated the Reconstruction perk description in all non-English languages.


  • Fixed an issue where the Seraph Cipher Mods Triumph was not progressing properly.
  • Added an emblem metric for Collections score.
  • Dawning currencies can now be dismantled in stacks after the event has concluded.

Hotfix for Destiny 2 can be viewed in full here on Bungie’s website. There’s still time to collect enough legendary gear and essential loot before the aforementioned Lightfall event begins on February 28. Until then, be sure to stick around for some additional guides for curious Guardians within the Solar System.

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