Destiny 2 fans do 12-player raids, thanks to new glitch

Fate 2 doesn’t need the very same big groups that a standard MMO does. In a lot of material, gamers will handle obstacles as Fireteams of 3 to 6 Guardians. However over the weekend, gamers found a wild brand-new bug that enabled 12-player raids in Fate 2. That’s double the Guardians and double the chaos. This tricks works for raids, as well as dungeons and Nightfalls.

The bug is relatively easy to explain but requires precise timing to execute. There are two Fireteams: Fireteam A and Fireteam B. Fireteam leader A needs to select the raid or activity everyone wants to do, while Fireteam leader B needs to open the menu to join Fireteam leader A (without actually hitting join).

Once the leaders are in position, gamers can join up on both Fireteams, until each has six players total. Fireteam A then needs to launch the activity. When the countdown timer is at two seconds, Fireteam B needs to join Fireteam A, selecting the option to take their players with them. After a brief hiccup at zero seconds, both Fireteam A and B will start to load into the activity, and they’ll all spawn at the checkpoint together.

This glitch obviously trivializes Fate’s hardest content. Bosses melt like butter when 12 gamers hit them with The Lament or Anarchy, and Guardians absolutely obliterate everything in their path. The game holds up surprisingly well with that many players — as you can see from the video above — and Guardians seem to be having a great time using the glitch to hang out with larger groups of friends.

Despite the fun, this is obviously a glitch. Bungie is aware of the problem — which we know thanks to a cheeky Tweet from Bungie’s senior community manager, dmg04 — and will likely fix it sometime soon. However, the studio currently has its hands full with another major glitch, which forced the developer to disable Trials of Osiris this weekend.

But up until Bungie solves the 12-player bug, there’s nothing stopping gamers from adventuring through Deep Stone Crypt with double the Guardians.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.