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Destiny 2 Developer Hits Back At Harassers After Latest Announced Ability Changes

Destiny 2 is no stranger to all manner of controversies, not least of which is the fact that Bungie outright removes content from the game every year to reduce its long-term maintenance overhead. One of the more recent problematic highlights, however, comes not from the developer but from the Destiny community, wherein certain individuals went on to harass one of the developers on Twitter.

Specifically, the harassment targeted Kevin Yanes, one of the leading Sandbox and Combat designers working on Destiny 2, and the reasoning behind it was that Yanes denied the return of a certain Destiny Titan Exotic due to its unique mobility aspect essentially being a part of the Warlocks’ identity in the game’s sequel. With the reveal of Arc 3.0, however, Yanes has decided to hit back, and he seems to have a good argument to do so.


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Destiny 2‘s Twilight Garrison incident took place because Yanes cheekily said that the Titan Exotic wouldn’t be making its way into the game, and that its effect is no longer considered part of the Titans’ ability set. This angered certain members of the community to the point of issuing death threats, and led to Yanes deleting all of his communication about the matter on Twitter. Now that Bungie has officially revealed that Arc 3.0 effectively features the Twilight Garrison ability effect as an optional Titan spec, Yanes decided to make light of the situation with a meme of Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakurai telling the reader not to ask anything else of him ever again.

Though the Tweet is now gone due to Yanes purging any mention of the Twilight Garrison incident from his profile, it’s worth pointing out that he also said that he was choosing his words very carefully, which could’ve given away the notion that an alternative was already in production. The removed commentary makes perfect sense now that Destiny 2‘s Arc 3.0 is officially revealed, of course. As one of the leading developers, Yanes knew about the new Titan ability and seems to have been messing with the community before things took a dark turn.

Following the incident, Bungie reduced communications with its fanbase for obvious reasons. Some targeted harassment, as Bungie’s community managers explained, was directed at the developers’ families. While it’s clear that the harassers are a tiny sliver of the community at large, Bungie didn’t feel content with ignoring threats that could’ve been serious, for all anyone knew.

In fact, Bungie explained why it sues harassers and cheaters whenever it makes sense to do so. Not too long ago, the company had a serious crisis at hand when a malicious streamer threatened to burn down the studio due to getting banned. By dealing with these problems quickly and aggressively, Bungie reduces the odds of its employees having to face harassment like Kevin Yanes did, though it certainly seems like he’s having the last laugh this time around.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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