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Destiny 2 Dev Gives Fan a Quote for Wedding Ring Engraving

A Bungie developer working on Destiny 2 has come up with the perfect quote for a wedding ring engraving after someone requested one. Though there were some troubles with the communication between the Destiny community and the game’s developers in the past, things have been trucking along rather nicely as of late, which is a good sign since there’s a new batch of seasonal content on the way.

Specifically, things got rather heated when Destiny 2 YouTube comments got closed down due to excessive harassment towards Bungie and its developers earlier in 2023. However, the negative sentiments appear to have settled down, with Bungie and some of the team discussing the upcoming changes to the game without showing too much concern.


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One example of such positive community interactions comes from Destiny 2‘s biggest subreddit, where the fiancée of a Destiny fan was asking for advice on what to engrave on his wedding ring. Reddit user psychopotchi said that she needed a snappy, short, and meaningful quote from Destiny to put on her fiancé’s ring to celebrate their union. While the community was quick to offer plenty of good advice, one of the most notable contributions ended up coming from a Bungie developer.

Bungie dev Duardo_ came up with “We made our own fate,” which sits right in the ballpark of psychopotchi’s maximum number of characters for the engraving. It is also a lovely callback to Destiny‘s classic Vault of Glass raid. In the Vault of Glass, the final boss encounter pits Guardians against a Vex entity capable of wiping them from the flow of time, and the phrase “Guardians make their own fate” refers to the start of the damage phase and, more metaphorically, to the idea that Guardians are untethered from causality as such.

While the former Destiny 2 community manager wasn’t wrong when he said that harassment from players is essentially inevitable to some extent, there’s been no shortage of positive outreach for Bungie too. With the good comes the bad, as shown in the example featured above, with psychopotchi bound to thrill her fiancé no matter which option she goes with.

Of course, there’s more than just good news on the horizon for Bungie, and Destiny‘s next big controversy may take place in Season 21. Specifically, the Season of the Deep is set to introduce what may be Destiny 2‘s first proper pay-to-win feature, and it remains to be seen whether it really is as big of a problem as some believe it may be. Season 21 is due to launch on May 22, so players won’t need to wait long to see how this pans out.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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