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Destiny 2 Community impressed as Bungie rushes multiple dev teams to save lost Titan

Published: 2023-01-16T02:50:21

Updated: 2023-01-16T02:50:29

Multiple Bungie dev teams were called in to assist a Destiny 2 player when their Titan mysteriously vanished after experiencing a connection issue.

Destiny 2 is a game all about the grind, players will grind for countless hours on their Guardian in the hopes of getting a new god-roll weapon or exotic piece for them.

That grind, however, is made worthwhile when players are able to see how it makes their character that much stronger whilst facing the toughest challenges.

With all that time invested into their characters, players would never want to see their Guardians disappear, especially with all their equipment to boot. So when a player discovered that their Titan had suddenly vanished after a connection issue, they took to Reddit and the Bungie forums to see what could be done.

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Fortunately for this lucky player, their post on Reddit caught massive traction, as well as the attention of multiple Bungie dev teams.

Destiny 2 Titan activating Solar SuperBungie

Titans are one of three classes in Destiny 2.

Bungie was able to pull multiple teams to assist in finding the lost Titan and was able to recover the entirety of the Guardian’s data. That included all of their weapons, armor, and seasonal quest progress, essentially reverting the character to before the bug had even occurred.

Bungie released a statement alongside the fix for the Titan. Whilst originally thought to be a larger issue, Bungie utilized multiple teams to ensure that a fix for this issue was available. This was incredibly fortunate for the Titan that had gotten lost. That being said, Bungie pointed out the sheer manpower for a one-time fix for the Titan, meaning it’s unlikely players will be able to restore their own Guardians anytime soon should they also run into this issue.

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The effort Bungie had put behind retrieving the lost Titan hadn’t gone unnoticed, with not only the affected player but multiple community members applauding the team.

Comments like “Hey, it’s really f awesome that you folks went to such an effort for this person.” and “Kudos to everyone at Bungie who played a part in this. Nothing but praise all around,” were not uncommon amongst them.

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