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Destiny 2 Best Rocket Launchers

Rocket launchers continue to be a solid choice for boss damage in Destiny 2, even with the prominence of linear fusion rifles like Stormchaser and Cataclysmic. Not all bosses in the game are ideal for linear fusion damage, which is why every PVE player, in particular, should have a few good rocket launchers stored in their vault for a rainy day.

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In PVP, rocket launchers can also be a solid choice, though keep in mind that Gjallarhorn was nerfed as of Solstice 2022, and its effectiveness has been somewhat reduced. This list will take into account primarily PVE scenarios, where rocket launchers continue to be a staple when it comes to dealing high burst damage. Without further ado, here are the best rocket launchers Destiny 2 has to offer.

7 Hezen Vengeance

  • How To Get:
    Vault of Glass raid, Master version for the Timelost one

For a relatively easy but still solid rocket launcher option, players can go for Hezen Vengeance, a legendary rocket launcher that drops from the Vault of Glass raid chests. There’s also a Timelost version of the Hezen Vengeance with some interesting rolls, so those who are brave enough to challenge themselves with the Master version of the raid should give it a shot.

Hezen Vengeance is a Solar rocket launcher, and some of the perks to look out for are Auto-Loading Holster or Impulse Amplifier, as well as Vorpal Weapon and Lasting Impression. These will do the most amount of damage when dealing with tougher enemies.

6 Royal Entry

  • How To Get:
    Reward for Vanguard strikes and rank ups

For a Void rocket launcher, the Royal Entry is a pretty accessible option. Playing Vanguard strikes and earning rank-ups from Zavala will allow players to get their hands on this Legendary rocket launcher. It has also occasionally appeared in Xur’s inventory, so keep an eye out for his stock when he comes around on Fridays.

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Royal Entry is a bit different in terms of perk selection compared to some other, more classic rocket launchers. Look for perks like Field Prep and Clown Cartridge to really get the most out of this weapon when dishing out big damage.

5 The Hothead

  • How To Get:
    Grandmaster Nightfalls for Adept, lower difficulty Nightfalls for regular

The Hothead is one of the Nightfall weapons available on a weekly rotation, so check Today In Destiny to see which weapon is on each week. The Hothead is a bit of a weird one, largely dependent on the meta, as it has been known to be absolutely useless and absolutely fantastic. For any endgame PVE with Arc burn, it’s a brilliant choice, and with Arc 3.0 just around the corner, The Hothead is looking like a fantastic rocket launcher to add to any arsenal.

In terms of perks, look for Field Prep or Tracking Module, paired with Vorpal Weapon or Explosive Light for that maximum damage boost. Explosive Light is especially ideal for players going for Charged with Light builds that require them to pick up Orbs of Power.

4 Ascendancy

  • How To Get:
    Bought from the Legacy gear tab at the Monument to Lost Lights

Ascendancy was the seasonal weapon during season 15. A Legendary Solar rocket launcher, its true potential wasn’t revealed until later one when Gjallarhorn was introduced into the game after the 30th Anniversary update. It’s an excellent rocket launcher, especially now that rockets are in a slightly better place and the meta isn’t as strictly defined in PVE.

Ascendancy’s perks are its biggest advantage. It comes with some of the best rocket launcher perks Destiny 2 has to offer, including Impulse Amplifier and Explosive Light. These can also be switched around with Chain Reaction and Ambitious Assassin depending on what the player prefers. The great news is that Ascendancy is still available at the Monument to Lost Lights, so those who missed out on it can go buy it there.

3 Eyes Of Tomorrow

  • How To Get:
    Deep Stone Crypt raid

On to some Exotic rocket launchers, there’s the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher that has a chance to drop from the Deep Stone Crypt raid’s final chest. Initially, this rocket launcher didn’t inspire much among players. It was mostly seen as a gimmicky weapon that worked fantastically in Gambit, as it locks on to multiple targets with tracking rockets.

However, as of season 17, it can actually deal some serious damage. Some players like Datto have experimented with the Eyes of Tomorrow in endgame PVE with some nice results, which goes to show that it can even contend with other rocket launchers now. Granted, it feels slower and heavier than Gjallarhorn, but it has some potential. Plus, it’s a Solar heavy weapon, so it can work well with some unique Solar builds.

2 Gjallarhorn

  • How To Get:
    Grasp of Avarice dungeon

No rocket launcher list would be complete without the mention of the finest rocket launcher in Destiny history, Gjallarhorn. Unfortunately, since its introduction in the 30th Anniversary, Gjally has taken a few hits from the nerf hammer and isn’t quite as powerful as it was when it was first dropped into Destiny 2.

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That said, Gjallarhorn is still a must-have for fireteams that rely on rocket launchers for PVE activities. Only one player needs to have it equipped to provide everyone with the Pack Hunter perk, which turns the rounds of nearby Legendary rocket launchers into Wolfpack rounds, which split into small explosions upon impact.

1 Palmyra-B

  • How To Get:
    Legendary Engrams, craftable, can sometimes be purchased from Banshee-44

Introduced in The Witch Queen expansion era, Palmyra-B is a Häkke rocket launcher that can be crafted after all of its Patterns have been unlocked by the player. And it’s well worth crafting, too, because its Enhanced Perks turn it into quite the beastly Legendary rocket launcher, especially when paired with something like the Gjallarhorn.

When crafting, or even when relying on just world drops, look for perks like Auto-Loading Holster and Explosive Light. Ambitious Assassin is also an option, along with Impulse Amplifier.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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