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Destiny 2 Announces Release Date for Next Raid

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted is coming to a close, with a little over one week left for the Solstice event and less than three weeks total before the launch of Season 18. Little is known about Season 18’s themes, characters, and where the story will take players next, with the only piece of information coming in the form of the Arc 3.0 update coming with it. However, there is a Destiny 2 showcase planned for August 23, which is the day Season 18 will be released, and it’s likely that Bungie will then address the main focus of the new Season as well as that of the Lightfall expansion.


As part of Destiny 2‘s Year 5, Bungie also stated that a new Dungeon would come in Season 17, which is Duality, and then a reprised Raid from Destiny would come back in Season 18, closing the year with yet another Dungeon in Season 19. Bungie also confirmed months ago that the reprised Raid would be one of the bigger ones, which excludes Crota’s End, as it is on the shorter side. With today’s TWAB, Bungie finally disclosed the release date for the legacy Raid that is soon returning to the game.

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The reprised Raid for Season 18 was not revealed in the TWAB, but it is going to be the second Destiny Raid that makes its way into Destiny 2 after Vault of Glass was made available once again last year in Season of the Splicer. Both options are among the most iconic Raids in the franchise, and the one returning in Season 18 will launch on August 26 at 10 AM PT, according to the TWAB. The decision to not reveal which Raid is returning is not surprising, considering the showcase on August 23.

August 26 is the first Friday of Season 18, and although it may be surprising that Bungie decided to release the Raid so soon into the Season, its Power Level requirement will be 1,560. Still, Contest Mode and Challenge Mode will both make a comeback. It’s also likely that the reprised Raid will have a Master mode associated with it, but if that proves to be the case, players shouldn’t expect it early into the Season, but rather several weeks later. Again, this detail is missing from the TWAB, and it could be revealed in Destiny 2‘s upcoming showcase.

Despite the fact that Bungie reduced communication with fans due to threats to staff, the company still uses TWABs to communicate some of the most important bits of Destiny 2 news, including the upcoming Season 18 Raid’s release date. For more reveals regarding what the Raid will be, the Arc 3.0 update, and details about Season 18, it’s likely that players will have to wait for the August showcase.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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