Deshaun Watson would lose up to $20.2 million if he sits out the 2021 season

If, as it appears, quarterback Deshaun Watson will never ever bet the Texans once again and if, as it appears, the Texans won’t trade Watson, the phase will be set for a holdout. Various numbers have actually emerged relating to the financial losses that Watson would sustain. Listed below, we’ll attempt to determine the complete scope of the monetary repercussions, if Watson exercises his right under the CBA to not play in 2021.

Initially, if the 2021 offseason has a necessary minicamp and if Watson avoids it, he’ll go through a fine in the quantity of $93,085.

2nd, if Watson avoids training school he’d be fined $50,000 daily. With 40 days in camp and 6 obligatory day of rests, that’s 34 days that Watson would miss out on, at an overall fine of $1.7 million.

Third, he’d be fined the quantity of a regular-season video game look for each preseason video game he misses out on. At a base pay of $10.54 million, that’s $620,000 per video game. If, as anticipated, the 2021 season has 3 preseason video games, he’d lose another $1.86 million.

Therefore, for the offseason, training school, and preseason, Watson would sustain $3.653 million in fines if he doesn’t appear.

If Watson then avoids the season — and if the NFL phases 17 video games — he’d lose another $11.16 million in base pay.

On top of that, avoiding the season would permit the Texans to recuperate Watson’s signing-bonus allowance for 2021. That’s $5.4 million in cash that he’d need to return.

So if my mathematics is right (and it seldom is), avoiding 2021 would trigger an overall monetary loss of $20.213 million.

Avoiding the complete year likewise would toll Watson’s agreement. If, then, he returns in 2022, his base pay would stay $10.54 million (based upon 16 video games). Presently, he has a 2022 base pay of $35 million (based upon 16 video games). That wage would transfer to 2023, and Watson would make more than $24 million less in 2022 than he’s presently due to make.

Numerous think that Watson doesn’t appreciate the lost cash. Eventually, it’s his choice. Under the CBA, he has the outright right to avoid the season, based on the different fines and loss detailed above.

Time will inform whether it concerns that. The Texans appear to be intent on declining all deals and waiting Watson out. If the group blinks later on, the groups rather potentially won’t get what it might get if it attempted to bring optimum groups to the table now and finagle the very best possible settlement bundle.

Deshaun Watson would lose approximately $20.2 million if he remains the 2021 season initially appeared on Pro Football Talk

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.