DeSean Jackson “dialed in” with Matthew Stafford

Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey questioned why the Rams didn’t make a more powerful push to land Julio Jones in a trade with the Falcons, however the group’s present pass receivers appear quite sure the group’s got enough on that front.

Robert Woods stated last month that the group is packed at the position and Cooper Kupp believes the flexibility of the group is going to be a strength. On Tuesday, DeSean Jackson shared his belief that the Rams are “definitely a scary group” for opposing defenses.

Jackson and all of the other receivers need to get utilized to working with Matthew Stafford in order to completely release the system’s capacity. Jackson made that seem like a quite basic endeavor when he talked to press reporters.

“You continue to be great and just throw the ball, and I’m going to continue to be great and just run past everybody and use my speed,” Jackson stated, through Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “I think that’s the good niche about us, we’re just going to be dialed in and just continuously just learn the plays — and once the season starts, we’ll be in rare . . . form.”

Stafford’s arrival has actually stimulated a great deal of optimism about how the Rams will search offense in 2021. Landing Jones would likely have actually contributed to that sensation, however seeing him go to Tennessee hasn’t moistened the outlook in Los Angeles.

DeSean Jackson “dialed in” with Matthew Stafford initially appeared on Pro Football Talk

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