DeSantis: Proposed $450K Payments to Illegal Immigrants Is ‘Slap in the Face’

Florida Guv Ron DeSantis talks with the media in Miami, Fla., August 29, 2019. (Marco Bello/Reuters)

Florida guv Ron DeSantis blasted the Biden administration over reports that it is thinking about releasing $450,000 payments to unlawful immigrants who were separated from their households at the southern border under the Trump administration for an overall payment that might cost the federal government more than $1 billion.

DeSantis stated he is “very, very concerned” about the considerable payments, considered that lots of Americans are having a hard time economically as inflation has actually sent out costs for durable goods skyrocketing.

“You’ve had all kinds of really bad policies throughout our country that has limited freedom,” DeSantis stated Friday. “And you’re going to reverse for that, and you’re going to do $475,000 for a person that came unlawfully to this nation?

“I’ve seen a lot in my day — I’ve seen a lot that’s happened over the last nine or ten months that I didn’t think I’d ever see — but this takes the cake,” he stated. “If that is done, that is going to be a slap in the face to every hard-working American who works hard and plays by the rules.”

He stated the payments would “be a slap in the face to people that have immigrated legally to this country.”

“That should not be allowed to stand. It’s wrong, and whatever we can do in Florida to fight back against it, we will do,” the guv stated. 

DeSantis’s remarks can be found in reaction to a report by the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human being Solutions are weighing the payments as they work to fix claims declaring that the federal government subjected moms and dads and kids to long lasting mental injury.

The report states that the majority of the households consisted of one moms and dad and one kid who crossed the border unlawfully from Mexico which lots of households would likely get smaller sized payments, depending on their situations. 

While the American Civil Liberties Union states about 5,500 kids were separated from their households at the border under the Trump administration, federal government authorities anticipate that the variety of households qualified under the possible settlement will be smaller sized.

Some federal government attorneys see the payments as extreme for unlawful immigrants who broke the law by crossing the border, the report states. It included that a federal government attorney threatened to eliminate his name from the case in demonstration of the possible settlement deal. 

A different Department of Homeland Security lawyer associated with the talks revealed issue that the payments might surpass what some households of 9/11 victims got. Nevertheless, senior department authorities turned down the contrast since the U.S. federal government was not accountable for the terrorist attacks. The 9/11 victim-compensation fund balanced awards to the deceased of approximately $2 million, tax-free.

On The Other Hand, 45 Home Republicans signed on to a letter by Agent Greg Murphy (R., N.C.) requiring responses on the possible payments.

“Promising tens of thousands of dollars to those who unlawfully entered the United States would not only reward criminal behavior, but it would surely send a message to the world that our borders are open and our rule of law will not be enforced,” checks out the letter, which was signed by Home minority whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, GOP Caucus chairwoman Elise Stefanik, and Agent Dan Crenshaw of Texas.

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