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Delaware court stops change of retiree health coverage

“State pensioners deserve the benefits they worked for and were promised. Since learning the details of the planned transition, legislators engaged the administration in negotiations and secured several concessions to the original agreement,” the pair said. “The House and Senate also drafted legislation to further protect our retirees and add more oversight, including giving retirees a seat at the table.”

Leaders in the Senate echoed those words in a statement from Senate Pro Tem. Davek Sokola, Majority Leader Bryan Townsend, and Majority Whip Elizabeth Lockman.

“Now that a pause has been ordered by the Delaware Superior Court, we intend to use this opportunity to continue our efforts to work with State pensioners to ensure any changes to their healthcare benefits live up to our commitments to them, protect their health and welfare, keep the program solvent, and are properly communicated,” Senate leaders said.

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