Debra Winger quit ‘A League of Their Own’ because of Madonna

Debra Winger said in an interview that she left

Debra Winger stated in an interview that she left “A League of Their Own” after Madonna was contributed to the cast.


Debra Winger has actually shared why she states Geena Davis changed her in the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own.”

In an interview with The Telegraph, Winger states she left the Cent Marshall directed movie about a pioneering group of ladies baseball gamers following the addition of Madonna to the cast.

And while Winger trained for 3 months with the Chicago Cubs to get ready for the function, she stated the hiring of the vocalist turned it into “an Elvis film” and not the movie she had actually concurred to do.

“The studio agreed with me because it was the only time I ever collected a pay-or-play on my contract,” Winger informed the publication. “In other words, I collected my pay even though I did not play, and that’s very hard to get in a court.”

Winger likewise stated that after satisfying the real-life gamers on whom the movie was based, she didn’t believe the film honored them

“As entertaining as [the final film] was, you don’t walk away going ‘Wow, those women did that.’ You kind of go ‘Is that true?,’” she stated.

In regards to Davis’ efficiency in the movie – in the function Winger was set to play – Winger stated she thinks Davis “did OK” and stated of the cast “I certainly don’t begrudge any of them.”

When it pertains to Madonna, Winger stated “I think [her] acting career has spoken for itself.”

CNN has actually connected to associates for Madonna for remark.

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