D&D Magic: The Gathering crossover exclusive card reveal: Mordenkainen

Mordenkainen, the arch wizard of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, is pertaining to Magic: The Event. Polygon has the ability to solely expose his brand-new card for the Experiences in the Forgotten Realms set, which will turn D&D co-creator Gary Gygax’s own gamer character into a planeswalker.

Mordenkainen was developed for the initial Greyhawk project method back in the early 1970s. Initially, he was a method for Gygax to go out from behind the Dungeon Master’s screen and really play the video game. Ever since, he’s turned into one of the longest-running characters in the D&D multiverse. He’s a little a tourist, making the rounds of the Forgotten Worlds (D&D’s existing primary setting) along with Strahd von Zarovich’s Barovia, and Krynn, the setting for the Dragonlance books.

Mordenkainen, legendary Planeswalker card.

Mordenkainen, legendary Planeswalker full art card.

It needs to come as not a surprise, then, that Mordenkainen is rendered here as a planeswalker. Effective wizards from throughout an enormous and byzantine multiverse, planeswalkers can be played together with other Magic cards to give effective, continuous capabilities to gamers. They can provide decks a thematic taste, or end up being the focal point to an effective mechanical method.

When he enters play, gamers can utilize him to draw more cards. After a while they can cast the Faithful Hound (among his signature spells), which sports a power and durability equivalent to the variety of cards in the gamer’s hand. Lastly, gamers can utilize this card to exchange their hand for what stays of their library — basically all the other cards they brought into the video game.

Mordenkainen is still alive and well in the bigger D&D multiverse. In addition to his cameo in Curse of Strahd, he’s likewise authored his own book for fifth edition. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes was released in 2018. Magic: The Collecting Experiences in the Forgotten Realms shows up for Magic: The Event Arena on July 8. Physical cards show up on July 23.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.