DC Comics has a new female Shazam: Mary Marvel

Mary Bromfield — Billy Batson’s huge sis and the superhero previously called Mary Marvel — will enter her little sibling’s shoes in 2022. Thanks To DC Comics, Polygon can expose that when Billy gets out of the function, Mary will wield the power of Shazam in The New Champ of Shazam!, a brand-new four-issue miniseries from author Josie Campbell and fan-favorite Shazam artist Evan “Doc” Shaner.

Mary initially appeared in comics in 1942, 3 years after the launching of Billy Batson as the superhero Captain Marvel and a year after Billy got his very first partner, Captain Marvel, Jr. However the characters are much better understood nowadays as the superheroes of the Shazam household.

“For a long time I just didn’t have any interest in returning to anything Shazam related,” Shaner told Polygon over video chat, “But I always thought Mary should be the lead of the book for a while; and that was the one time I would return if it ever happened.”

With New Champion, that’s exactly what is happening. Here’s DC’s official synopsis for the first issue:

Mary Bromfield has always struggled to determine who she is outside her household … kinda hard to do when you’re all superheroes! Now, after Billy Batson’s heroic sacrifice, the power of Shazam has vanished, and she’s been left powerless.

Most heroes would be distraught, but not Mary. It’s finally time for a voyage of self-discovery as she prepares for her freshman year of college and a civilian life. But nothing is ever truly normal for this young hero, because she’s just been chosen as the new champion of Shazam! (At least according to a talking rabbit sent by her estranged brother Billy.) Will she embrace the power? Or will it die alongside this world’s hope of survival against the mysterious magical forces waiting to take control?

“‘Who Mary is’ the very heart of this comic,” Campbell, writer on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and DC’s own Future State: Green Lantern #2, informed Polygon over video chat. “Who she is, who she wants to be, and the roles that she’s either been forced into or has willingly joined into. […] It’s really shining a light on her and her wants and her desires — as somebody who was part of a superhero team, doesn’t have her powers, gets them back, and then she’s got a lot of choices suddenly displayed in front of her that she’s gonna have to make real fast.”

“It’s been so long since she had her own book,” Shaner added, “since before she was a DC property. We’re hoping to have the fun and the creative energy behind so much of the early stuff that Binder did, but bring that to a more modern audience and try to make it more relatable to kids or young adults today.”

The New Champ of Shazam! #1 will hit shelves on Feb. 8, 2022. You can check out the full cover and Shaner’s character designs for Mary’s costume below.

Character design drawings of Mary Bromfield in her superhero costume. It consists of a red, long-sleeved tunic with skirt, yellow boots, and a white half-cape. Her chest bears the lightning bolt emblem of Shazam.

Image: Evan “Doc” Shaner/DC Comics

Mary Bromfield suited up in her superhero form using the power of Shazam on the cover of The New Champion of Shazam! #1 (2022).

Image: Evan “Doc” Shaner/DC Comics

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