David Tepper is ‘unhappy and embarrassed’ by the contract he gave to Matt Rhule

The heading to Friday’s short article from Joseph Individual of TheAthletic.com indicates that Panthers coach Matt Rhule will return for a 3rd season. The 2nd paragraph sends out a far various message.

“[S]ources say owner David Tepper is unhappy and embarrassed after the $16 billion hedge fund manager gave Rhule a seven-year, $62 million deal to outbid the New York Giants for his services,” Individual composes.

Terms like “unhappy” and “embarrassed” don’t precisely total up to an assurance that Rhule will be maintained for a 3rd season. Another adjective uses to Tepper — fantastic. That quality might trigger him to concern with proper suspicion any and all efforts by Rhule to hire his assistant coaches and gamers to send out the message that whatever is working (that messages comes through plainly face to face’s short article), which Rhule’s previous turn-around efforts at Temple and Baylor have actually advanced in Year 3.

The very same impulses that assisted Tepper make billions will trigger him to evaluate and inspect any effort by Rhule to get the owner to keep him around for a 3rd season. Will a 3rd season matter? That’s the concern Tepper need to fix. Individual describes, pointing out league sources and experts, that Rhule’s restricted NFL background (he had one year as an assistant offending line coach with the Giants, in 2012) is harming him in his existing job, specifically because he has last word over all football matters. Likewise, some believe he keeps a lot of of his college gamers on the lineup, making it less of a meritocracy in Carolina and more of a who-you-know scenario.

Then there’s this. Rhule reportedly boasted in a team meeting that he could get one of the top college jobs and make more money, but that he wanted to be in Charlotte. What will Tepper believe of that? Will he now wonder whether, if the team turns it around in 2022, a college program will throw millions at Rhule, and he’ll take it?

Of all the things that went wrong this year, the sudden and abrupt firing of offensive coordinator Joe Brady on a Sunday afternoon, a full week into the team’s annual two-week break, stands out. The decision has never been fully explained, and it reeks of dysfunction. Maybe the team chose Cam Newton over Brady. If so, well, Newton hasn’t done much after that to show that he was the right choice. Or what if Rhule simply caught a vibe that Tepper possibly would consider making an in-season change? Firing Brady wiped out perhaps the most viable in-house option to serve as the interim head coach.

However it plays out, things aren’t going well in Carolina. And if Tepper truly is “unhappy and embarrassed” about the decision to give Rhule such a huge contract two years ago, how can the possibility that Rhule will decide to rectify his mistake after the current season ends (or maybe even sooner) be completely ignored?

Tepper seems to be very direct and straightforward. His current silence is noteworthy. As Week 18 approaches, it might quickly become deafening.

Report: David Tepper is “unhappy and embarrassed” by the agreement he provided to Matt Rhule initially appeared on Pro Football Talk

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.