Dauntless’ new patch is all about timey-wimey monster slaying

Dauntless is beginning a brand-new season today with Spot 1.6.0. Phoenix Labs has a roadmap prepared throughout the spring and summer season, however Infinite Glow is the primary step, and this spot has a time style.

Gamers can go through the season pass in order to make cosmetics, consisting of a trendy armor set. Injuring now works in a different way, and is far more noticeable, permitting hunters to concentrate on the broken part of a Leviathan to construct some momentum. The War Pike weapon has actually likewise been rubbed, upgrading the majority of the weapon’s statistics to make it more effective in fight.

Dauntless - the spring/summer 2021 roadmap for Dauntless, showing new updates coming for April 22, May 6, and May 22.

Image: Phoenix Labs

Today’s upgrade has 3 significant functions that deserve keeping in mind. Phoenix Labs discusses the updates in a post on its website:

Trials Updates: Trials have actually gotten some much-needed love and care. Trials objectives are objective-based requirements such as winning without coming down, developed to reward proficiency of fight. Solo leaderboards are now separated by weapon type and will reveal the overall variety of objectives finished. Total objectives to protect a greater area on the leaderboard and make benefits. Your conclusion time is considered to break ties.

Reward Cache and Difficulties: The Reward Cache is a seasonal shop changing the Vault that uses a large range of products in exchange for seasonal currency. A season will be approximately the length of 2 Hunt Passes. Here, you’ll discover a variety of products (consisting of brand-new weapon and armour skins), in addition to aethersparks, patrol secrets, and traditional benefits from previous Passes. Open benefits utilizing seasonal coins and crystals from brand-new everyday and weekly difficulties: timed missions that will ask you to kill Leviathans, total Escalations, and more. All Vault coins have actually been transformed to these brand-new seasonal currencies.

Primal Leviathans and Perfect Strike: Unusual changes in glowing aether and time energy are being reported throughout the Shattered Isles. These interruptions are opening rifts to various pockets of time in the past and future. Throughout this season, gamers will get access to 2 timelines, every one bringing brand-new Searching Premises difficulties in addition to a brand-new seasonal skill trees opening special capabilities, beginning this spot with the Past and its Perfect Strike capability.

Extra updates to Dauntless will be beginning April 22, when a brand-new Cell will be included, along with more additions to the benefit cache. On May 6 and May 22, there will be more considerable updates that consists of a brand-new Leviathan, Senior citizen Behemoths, and a brand-new Radiant Island.

The complete spot notes and roadmap can be discovered on Phoenix Labs’ site.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.