Dauntless breaks the ice with a new boss and quest content

The most recent Dauntless upgrade presents a brand-new monster for gamers to track, hunt, and eliminate. This huge kid is called the Urska, and he declares in a lot of brand-new material for hunters to check out in this free-to-play action RPG.

The highlight of upgrade 1.5.3 is Frost Escalation. With permafrost melting, brand-new locations on the planet are opening up, and the monsters slumbering underneath the surface area are stirring. Gamers will need to take a trip though Skaldeskar, a wintry place where they’ll ally with the warrior queen Linnea Silver. Skaldeskar might be melting, however it’s still cold sufficient to trigger a disabling conditioned called frostbite. In a video game where gamers depend on movement and dodging, frostbite can be particularly lethal as it can freezing a hunter in location.

If you’re familiar with beast searching video games, then you’re most likely currently conscious that the Urska is packed with important parts that can be crafted into famous weapons and armor. The spot likewise brings brand-new cosmetics through the Frost Escalation skill tree, and the World of Ice Hunt Pass. Gamers who buy the Elite Ice Hunt Pass get 2 cosmetic sets of armor, the Frost Shaper set and the Paladin of Vylmark equipment. These products are influenced by the polar aurora, so they’re quite good for collectors.

Lastly, Frost Escalation has 2 brand-new Rumours, which are side missions that open cosmetics. Truthful Ozz uses A Vision of Fire (and a dawn-themed helmet,) while a Shadow Boxing mission uses Thorns of Sunset strikers.

Dauntless is presently readily available as a free-to-play title on Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, Windows PC through the Legendary Games Shop, and Xbox One. At the end of 2020, Phoenix Labs launched a big upgrade called Reforged, which revamped much of the video game’s core systems and included hang gliders.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.