Danny Ainge has a great nickname for Celtics center Luke Kornet

Danny Ainge has an excellent label for C’s center Luke Kornet initially appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Considering that showing up in Boston, Celtics center Luke Kornet has actually made several various labels.

Everything began when he balanced 9.0 points on 63.6 percent shooting in his very first 2 video games bet the C’s. He was called “The Murder Kornet” in the beginning thanks to his lethal sharpshooting, however ultimately, the label that stuck with him was “The Green Kornet”.

However obviously, Celtics GM Danny Ainge has another label for Luke Kornet.

On NBC Sports Boston’s Celtics broadcast Monday night, Ainge exposed after a thunderous Kornet dunk that he described Kornet as “Big Bird”. Here’s the clip of him doing so.

“There’s an awakening right there,” Ainge stated. “I call him Big Bird, but Big Bird [was] right there on the pick and roll.”

That’s a fitting label for Kornet. He is a high, slender gamer and his frame does, in some methods, look like the famous Sesame Street character. And if Kornet isn’t a fan of the contrast, he can constantly declare that Ainge is referencing Celtics legend Larry Bird with the name.

Ainge’s discovery has us questioning if he has labels for the other gamers on the Celtics lineup. Even if he does, it’s difficult to picture that any of them will be much better than Luke “Big Bird” Kornet.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.