Dakota Johnson’s says her latest role taught her a lot about her own life

Johnson plays Nicole Teague in the movie, based upon a real story about a lady’s difficult fight with cancer and the psychological toll it handled her friends and family. Based off of an essay her other half, Matthew Teague [Casey Affleck] composed in 2015 for Esquire Publication, “Our Friend” has to do with how the couple’s buddy, Dane [Jason Segel] dropped whatever in his own life to take care of them throughout their battle.

“The thing that I pulled most from this film was how you show up for other people,” Johnson informed CNN in a current interview. “I think about how I can be more compassionate and more available, even for myself, more compassionate. The thing that I’ve learned so much from this movie and from even talking about it now is how brave you have to be in order to be truly compassionate towards yourself or other people, because it’s scary and you might fail. In Nicole’s case, you do everything that you can and then it’s not going to save her life but it did save everyone else’s life.”

Although Johnson handled the uphill struggle of playing a genuine individual, she states she didn’t wish to attempt to “emulate her precisely.”

“I never could have done it,” she stated. “I cared more about the performance being authentic than being exactly like Nicole … The part about playing someone who’s dying, part of Nicole’s journey is she becomes very aware of everything going on around her and really focuses on absorbing life, her husband and her children … Most of my performance was just a reaction to the performers around me, who I love so much. We were in a small town, we spent so much time together that you know it was easy to feel things, because we all really cared.”

Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck in "Our Friend."
Johnson states she understands that the movie’s subject is “heavy” however states its message is one she hopes motivates audiences to step up for each other in times of difficulty.

“It’s a heavy subject but there’s a lot of levity and that’s life. Life is painful and ridiculous and funny and horrible and beautiful. I guess you can expect to feel heartbroken but there’s also some really funny moments in it.”

“Our Friend” opens in choose theaters and as needed Friday.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.