Cyberpunk 2077’s new patch fixes more bugs — full 1.21 hotfix patch notes

CD Projekt Red presented a brand-new hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 — spot 1.21 — on Wednesday that resolves a long list of quest-related and open-world bugs, and likewise more nerfs the video game’s teleporting cops existence.

Spot 1.21 for Cyberpunk 2077 gets here about 2 weeks after CD Projekt Red’s 2nd significant upgrade to the video game, which targeted numerous bugs and other enhancements, however still left a lot of buggy habits undamaged. The current upgrade uses to all variations of the video game (Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One) and consists of total stability enhancements that need to lower the variety of crashes, CD Projekt Red stated.

Have a look at the complete spot notes for hotfix 1.21 listed below.

Quests & Open World

  • Repaired a concern in Gig: Getting Warmer… where the gamer was not able to lower 8ug8ear’s body temperature level.
  • Repaired a concern where being not able to get the “Send a crew” fragment in Cyberpsycho Sighting: Discount Rate Doc might obstruct development. Checking out the fragment is now an optional goal.
  • Repaired a concern in Down on the Street where Takemura would get stuck in Japantown Docks after gamer selected to go to Wakako alone and left the location too early.
  • Repaired a concern where the hints in Cyberpsycho Sighting: Bloody Routine would not count if the gamer scanned them prior to speaking to the injured NPC.
  • Spray Paint need to now activate appropriately when gamer approaches Brendan.
  • Repaired a concern in Play it Safe where upon linking to the Gain access to Point the screen might end up being black, obstructing more development.
  • Repaired a concern where Reported Criminal Offense: Dug Up Up would not finish if the gamer opened the container prior to scanning the blood path.
  • Repaired a concern where a Maelstromer might generate in a location inaccessible for the gamer, obstructing development in Losing My Religion/Sacrum Profanum.
  • Repaired a concern obstructing development in among the Assaults in Development in Japantown.
  • Dealt with a concern where the video game might crash throughout Gig: Hippocratic Oath if the gamer leapt through the window after breaking it.
  • Repaired different concerns with opponents clipping through things and drifting in the air in Presumed The Mob Activity: Personal Privacy Policy Offense.
  • Repaired a concern in Presumed The Mob Activity: Personal Privacy Policy Offense, where development might be obstructed due to opponents being stuck in a garage.
  • Holocalls from Mitch need to no longer get stuck and repeat if the call was disrupted in the past.
  • Repaired Johnny’s look in different missions.
  • Dennis’ cars and truck need to now generate properly in Huge in Japan.
  • Gamers can now get in Dennis’ cars and truck from the ideal side in Huge in Japan.
  • Windows inside the shack need to no longer break upon opening the container in Huge in Japan.
  • Huge in Japan will now stop working if the gamer leaves Haruyoshi rather of bring him to security after opening the container.
  • Repaired a concern where gamer might end up being not able to utilize weapons and consumables after leaving Takemura’s van in Down on the Street.
  • Gamer can no longer call Takemura throughout the conference with Oda in Down on the Street.
  • Repaired a concern where Oda might be discovered on the bridge in between Watson and Westbrook prior to going to Takemura’s hideout in Browse and Ruin.
  • Repaired a concern in Down on the Street where Oda might crash into gamer’s cars and truck if it was parked in his method.
  • Repaired a concern where Burning Desire/Night Relocations might get stuck on the “Wait for a call from distressed man” goal after gamer stopped working the mission.
  • Repaired a concern where the door to Cassius Ryder’s ripperdoc store would not open, avoiding the gamer from finishing The Gig.
  • Saul will no longer follow the gamer worldwide if they leave the mission location after releasing him in Riders on the Storm.
  • Repaired a concern where sandstorm might be present in the city if the gamer quickly took a trip there throughout Eliminating in the Name or Riders on the Storm.
  • Riders on the Storm will now stop working if the gamer leaves the Wraith camp prior to saving Saul.
  • Gig: Severance Plan need to now activate appropriately after approaching the mission location.


  • Repaired a concern where, after the gamer devotes a criminal activity on the roofing system of a structure, NCPD officers would generate behind the gamer’s back.
  • Repaired a concern avoiding the gamer from climbing up ladders out of water.


  • Repaired different concerns associated with clipping in NPCs’ clothing.


  • Included back the icon above NPCs, who are under the Distract Enemies quickhack impact.
  • Scanning UI is now less chaotic.
  • Repaired a concern where Japanese/Traditional Chinese text might vanish if the gamer altered the user interface language from English to among these languages.

Stability and efficiency

  • Numerous memory management enhancements (decreasing the variety of crashes).


  • Gamers need to now have the ability to choose sticker labels in Image Mode utilizing the Circle button in the Japanese variation of the video game on PlayStation 4.


  • Repaired some visual concerns on a bridge in Mikoshi in Stomach Of The Beast/Changes.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.