Cyberpunk 2077 hotfix patch 1.22 released on console, PC

Designer CD Projekt Red presented a brand-new upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077 on Wednesday, a hotfix for the video game’s current 1.22 spot. This time, CDPR is targeting missions and open-world bugs, consisting of Cyberpunk 2077’s very first “retrofix.”

The majority of the bug repairs consisted of within the upgrade address mission development issues, however there’s likewise another round of crash repairs, according to the upgrade’s spot notes. NPCs will be eliminated to check out that “various issues related to clipping in NPCs’ clothes” have actually been repaired.

CDPR presented Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 spot in March, targeting numerous bugs and stability concerns. That was rapidly followed by variation 1.21 in April, another hotfix. The video game’s newest upgrade is readily available now on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. You can read what has actually altered in the complete spot notes listed below.

Quests & Open World

  • The City: Boneyard dataterm must now effectively count towards the Regular Leaflet accomplishment.
  • Repaired problems in Johnny’s look happening after purchasing the Wanderer automobile from Lana.
  • Repaired a concern in Gig: Till Death Do United States Part where it was not possible to utilize the elevator.
  • Repaired a concern in Epistrophy where the gamer might get caught in the garage if they didn’t follow the drone and encountered the control space rather.
  • Included a retrofix for the problem we repaired in 1.21, where Takemura might get stuck in Japantown Docks in Down on the Street — for gamers who currently experienced it prior to upgrade 1.21 and continued playing till 1.22, Takemura will now teleport to Wakako’s parlor.
  • Repaired a concern avoiding the gamer from opening the phone in the apartment or condo at the start of New Dawn Fades.
  • Repaired a concern where the gamer might end up being not able to utilize weapons and consumables after engaging with an upkeep panel in Riders on the Storm.


  • Repaired different concerns associated with clipping in NPCs’ clothing.


  • Repaired a concern where subtitles were not effectively lined up in the Arabic language variation.

Stability and efficiency

  • Different memory management enhancements (minimizing the variety of crashes), and other optimizations.
  • Enhanced GPU efficiency of skinning and fabric making.


  • GPU and ESRAM optimizations and enhancements on Xbox One.
  • Memory management enhancements on PlayStation 5.


  • It’s no longer possible to get soft secured the essential bindings menu if a keyboard is not readily available.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.