Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo explains strange mix-up with Javy Báez

Anthony Rizzo discusses odd mix-up with Javy Báez initially appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

In Wednesday’s back-and-forth video game, a protective mix-up in between Anthony Rizzo and Javy Báez practically returned to haunt the Cubs.

With one out, ball game connected at 4 and Dodgers runners on the corners in the 11th inning, Matt Beaty struck a chopper to Rizzo. The Cubs very first baseman had numerous choices to begin an inning-ending double play, if not get at least one out.

“I knew if I stepped on the base and went home, it would have been do or die,” Rizzo stated.

Rizzo chose to begin a prospective 3-6-3 double play with Báez, shooting a strike to the Cubs shortstop covering 2nd base. However his foot was close to very first base when he made the toss.

“I kind of tight roped first base, not touching it purposely to get the double play [3-6-3],” he said. “I don’t think Javy saw that.”

Báez tagged out Dodgers catcher Will Smith. He pointed to Rizzo, appearing to react as if they turned a 3-6 double play. But Rizzo never touched very first, and Max Muncy scored the go-ahead run for Los Angeles.

“I tried to just go for the [3-6-3],” Rizzo said. “I probably should have been screaming ‘1, 1, 1!’

“Usually if I step on the bag, [I’m] yelling ‘tag, tag, tag!’”

Had Rizzo stepped on the base before the toss, Báez would only have had to tag Smith out to complete the double play. Because he didn’t, Báez would have had to throw back to Rizzo to complete the turn.

“It just didn’t work out,” Rizzo stated.

The Good News Is for the Cubs, the minute didn’t harm them in the end. Rizzo struck a walk-off single in the bottom half of the inning, finishing a sweep of the Dodgers.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.