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CubiCasa’s free SaaS technology has helped create more than 1 million floor plans to date

CubiCasa is the leader in delivering fast, adaptable indoor mapping solutions for the real estate industry. Users can complete a schematic 2D floor plan using just a smartphone, with no training or cost required.

CubiCasa’s innovative SaaS technology digitally maps out a home’s floor plan in as little as five minutes. This helps eliminate human error, creates digital consistency in the output, and democratizes the creation of accurate property data critical to real estate listings and the appraisal process on a home loan.

To continue to modernize the valuation process and achieve its goal of drastically increasing the number of floor plans in the U.S., CubiCasa is now offering their users access to a free version product, as well as more product configuration options so users can select a pricing model that best fits their use case. By reducing product costs, real estate agents, real estate photographers, AMCs, appraisers, and homeowners now have a tool at their fingertips capable of delivering a precise floor plan.

CubiCasa’s technology is used in 160 different countries and has helped create more than 1 million floor plans, in large part based on its ease of use and quick turnaround times. Th company wants to drastically increase use of its product in the U.S. to drive the industry toward a new paradigm.

Earlier this year, news of the 1004/70 Desktop Appraisal Guidelines came from government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These new guidelines put an emphasis on the digital floor plan requirement, ensuring thousands of appraisers and appraisal management companies have access to a detailed view of a property and can fully understand the marketability and functionality of the property without having to leave their desks.

CubiCasa’s compliant technology helps empower this industry shift by allowing anyone with a smartphone to create a digital floor plan in minutes. This gives appraisers more opportunity than ever to focus on the property’s final value, drastically reducing the time it takes for an appraisal to be completed and reducing appraised value wait times to two to three days, as opposed to weeks.

CubiCasa’s free technology ensures all gross living area (GLA) calculated measurements are aligned with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and delivered quickly and efficiently, with a turnaround time as little as five minutes. As such, the technology supports industry standardization and consistency and fosters compliance as the appraisal process continues to experience modernization.

Users have the ability to leverage CubiCasa’s technology without prior training. All that’s needed is a smartphone to create a digitized floor plan using the app while conducting a walkthrough of a home. Square footage is the second-highest driver of a home’s value, and CubiCasa’s technology helps minimize inconsistencies and variations in the property data collection and inspection process. Eliminating costs makes it straightforward for any appraiser to ensure they are giving their client their home’s precise data.

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