Cruz Accused of Violating Campaign Finance Rules by Illegally Promoting His Book with Campaign Funds

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has actually been formally implicated of breaching project financing guidelines by unlawfully promoting his book with project funds, according to a brand-new suit submitted by The Project Legal Center (CLC), which keeps in mind Cruz invested approximately $18,000 in late 2020 on Facebook ads that consisted of links advising audiences to purchase copies of his book from third-party online booksellers. Cruz’s monetary disclosure report states Cruz’s book offer with Regnery Publishing made him a $400,000 advance along with a 15% royalty on net sales of hardbound copies.

In a letter to the Senate Ethics Committee, CLC argues that “when elected officials use campaign contributions to advance their personal bottom lines, they compromise the integrity of the political process and undermine the public’s trust that their political contributions are being used legally—for campaign purposes or in connection with the officeholder’s duties, not to line the officeholder’s pockets.”

“Senator Cruz has violated core principles of accountable government by using campaign funds to promote the sale of his book,” the letter continues. “As such, the Ethics Committee should reassure the public that the Senate enforces its well-established rules and laws that guard against corruption by conducting a swift investigation to identify and hold Senator Cruz accountable for any ethics violations.”

You can check out the letter HERE.

“Because Cruz receives royalties from book sales, his campaign crossed a legal line by spending donor funds on Facebook ads promoting sales of that book,” stated Brendan Fischer, CLC director of federal reform, in a news release. “We don’t know how extensive these violations might be because any similar ads that Cruz may have run on platforms other than Facebook or Google are not publicly available.”

Likewise priced estimate in journalism release is Delaney Marsco, CLC’s senior legal counsel for principles, who explains that Senate guidelines are “crystal clear about all members, both current and former, being prohibited from converting federal campaign funds to personal use.”

“Voters must be able to trust that when they are donating to political campaigns, they are doing so to help their favored candidate win or retain their office, not financing their personal endeavors,” Marsco stated.

Cruz has actually not reacted to ask for remark.

This is the 2nd scandal to strike the congressman in current weeks. In February, he stimulated nationwide outrage after he flew to Cancún while countless individuals went without food and water as an outcome of the Texas power catastrophe. Cruz’s social networks accounts had actually not acknowledged any main travel. He would later on breach Covid-19 quarantine procedures upon going back to Texas.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.