Cruella trailer: Emma Stone’s Disney villain goes full Harley Quinn

Cruella De Vil, the puppy-killing villain of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, is lastly taking the spotlight. And the very first trailer for her standalone film has severe Harley Quinn/Birds of Victim vibes.

You might be believing to yourself: Well gee, how did Cruella De Vil end up being the fur-loving, dog-murdering fashionista all of us understand and like to dislike? Certainly, you don’t simply get up one day and state, “Yes, I will murder dogs for their delightful spotted fur and also model myself to look like a reanimated corpse with dramatic e-girl black-and-white hair before the invention of the internet!” There must be some escalation to Cruella De Vil’s whole schtick, right?

Well, Cruella — a live-action prequel about the well-known fashionista — dives into Cruella De Vil’s origins. “I wasn’t for everyone,” she states in voiceover in the very first trailer. “I guess they were always scared that I’d be a psycho.” Hint maniacal laughter.

Happening in 1970s London, the film checks out Estella De Vil’s sluggish descent into pet skin fixation. Honestly it looks and seems like something out of a mental thriller rather of a Disney film. Emma Stone stars as the villainess, with Emma Thompson as the head of a style home that employed her. Glenn Close is going to loser her mind.

Cruella is set to launch theatrically on May 28.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.