Craftopia Is Now Available In Game Preview For Windows 10, Xbox One, And Xbox Series X|S

This video game is still under advancement, and its material and functions go through alter in the advancement processes till the last release. Please acknowledge that it is not yet a completed item at the minute prior to continuing to buy it.

Craftopia is the brand name brand-new multiplayer open-world survival action video game.

We have actually pictured what would take place when we integrate our preferred computer game entirely.
Slice trees and mine stones as in Sandbox,
Check out the world as in Open-world,
Battle the appetite as in Survival,
Cultivate and gather as in Farming,
Gather loots in dungeons as in Hack-and-slash,
Automate activities as in Factory management,
Hunt beasts and animals as in Searching action,
Cast wonderful spells as in Dream RPG.

Now we have a utopia for everyone. That is Craftopia.

20+ crops are offered for you to grow. Naturally, you can grow crops one by one, however there are more you can do. With the power of farming devices, you can have big scale fields.
While enjoying your self-dependent life, why not make your vibrant orchards?
Industrialization and Automation
You can automate each and every single product event. When you get tired of cutting woods and mining stones? Let’s automate!
…Sick of automation of basic activities? Then let’s begin utilizing belt-conveyers to construct substantial factories.

By throwing Monster Prism at creatures, you can catch them as a pet. Not only animals like cows and deer, but most of the monsters are also tamable. Monsters, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Exploring Dungeons
When the detector starts beeping, it’s the sign that you’re getting close to a dangerous dungeon. Back to the town to equip yourself, then enter the dungeon in the hope of finding treasures. It changes its shape every time you enter. At the end of the dungeon, you will encounter bosses to fight.
You will gain new abilities when you unleash the power of the world.

In Craftopia, you can enjoy fishing too. Taste some fresh fish, and craft a shield from turtle shells! Once you get used to fishing on the coastline, it’s time to construct a ship to sail! Let’s capture a whale!

Hoverboards, motorbikes, helicopters, automobiles, biplanes, tanks, air balloons, and machinery… Gather materials to craft what you want to ride! You can share a ride with your friends to explore the world together!

Skill Tree
100+ skills to learn in Craftopia. You can create your character by learning various skills. Some are good at crafting; some are skilled at broad swords; some might do better in automation. Your job will vary throughout the adventure, depending on your play styles!

Character Creation
Gender/sex, race, hairstyle, eyes, faces, skin tones, facial hairs, face painting, you can customize all of them!

Multiplayer is available. You can construct factories, explore dungeons, capture fish with your friends. The choice is yours! You can be an assassin if you wish to.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.