Cowboy Bebop’s Ed actor Eden Perkins talks the role in first interview

Eden Perkins is here to let the audience understand: Ed’s hair in Cowboy Bebop is as wild as it looks.

The star, who plays Ed in the tail end of Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop adjustment and utilizes they/them pronouns, did their very first interview about their time on the program (little as it was) for Netflix’s Still Enjoying channel on Youtube. The extremely, extremely last-minute intro of Ed, the 4th member of the Bebop team, was deliberate on the part of showrunner André Nemec, however implied Perkins didn’t do the normal advertising trip as their co-stars.

And while their co-star Mustafa Shakir wasn’t happy about all his time in the outfit, Perkins couldn’t get enough.

“[The costume] is very free and movable I suppose which suits Ed very much,” Perkins informed Still Enjoying. “And the wig! The wig is so cool; it’s so spiky and I desperately want to touch it, but I don’t, because otherwise it would mess it up.”

Perkins is, naturally, rather jazzed about playing the function of Ed in a possible season 2 of Cowboy Bebop. Gushing about whatever from their preferred Ed minute from the initial anime (“Ganymede Elegy”, where Ed bites a bounty for being mean to Ein) to the quick venture in to the live-action world of Bebop along with the excellent John Cho.

“She is just so incredibly lively, and she just brings energy wherever she goes,” Perkins stated of Ed. “Even though there’s only one scene, she packs a punch of personality.”

While Netflix hasn’t yet greenlit the program for a 2nd season, Nemec informed Polygon that Ed’s existence would factor greatly into bringing the Bebop team back together after the occasions of the ending. In the meantime, you can see Netflix’s entire after program on their Youtube channel.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.