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Cottage Health Trauma Center: Doctors seeing more water related injuries in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Health experts in Santa Barbara are seeing more injuries related to being by the water.

For every child that drowns, doctors at Cottage Health say they see eight children that have a non fatal drowning.

Even though adults are present, they believe it is critical for someone to be a designated “water watcher.”

This is someone who is constantly watching the pool and the kids in it.

People get distracted and they think someone else may be watching when it’s not the case.

As doctors explain, drownings happen quickly.

They’re not loud or dramatic. 

They are silent and fast.

The Cottage Health tam wants to tell parents that best protection against drowning is constant supervision.

Young kids can drown in an inch of water in Kitty pools, because they have big heavy heads and can fall forward. 

In open water, they say always swim in designated areas.

Children who don’t know how to swim should wear a coast guard approved life jacket 

According to Cottage Health, 44 percent of drownings happen in the summer nationwide.

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